Air Force One’s Unusual Loot: Crackdown On Journalists’ Secret Souvenir Hunt Exposed [Roundup]

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • Crackdown on journalists stealing branded items from Air Force One

    [T]he White House press pack has long seen Air Force One as a source of souvenirs. One unnamed current White House reporter said: “On my first flight, the person next to me was like, ‘You should take that glass.’ They were like, ‘Everyone does it.’”

    Several unnamed sources, meanwhile, described to Politico a “former White House correspondent for a major newspaper” hosting a dinner party using “gold-rimmed Air Force One plates, evidently taken bit by bit over the course of some time”.

    “Reporters recalled coming down the back stairs after returning to Joint Base Andrews in the evening with the sounds of clinking glassware or porcelain plates in their backpacks,” the site said.

  • Ummmm… A reader warns against family travel to the Holiday Inn Clearwater, Florida over August 22 – 25 because a “swingers/sex club is having an event there.. [i]ncludes “topless optional” pool access…[t]hey’re also promising “playrooms” and “VIP rooms.” I’m not sure the “playrooms” are the kid-friendly Holidome.”

  • Clean. Your. Planes.

  • Maintain. Your. Interiors.

  • Back when you could check into Excalibur via MGM app, crediting the stay to Hyatt, it was sort of ok to just let random folks have keys and sleep in rooms since the hotel’s real value was in phantom stays anyway…

  • Menzies, natch.

  • Just like in the U.S.: Creative young China fliers dodge airline luggage fees by wearing layers of clothes to become walking wardrobes

  • ‘Straight-up collusion’ drives O’Hare cost overruns, small contractor says

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  1. There is absolutely no reason to get a souvenir from a Biden Air Force One. wait a year to get a Trump AF1 souvenir!

  2. Chicago corruption at it’s finest. I remember the road work crews whistling at the women going by when I worked there a summer while in college.

  3. Re: United tray table

    Tray tables are not inspected between most flights unless somebody reports a problem. The person at fault is the previous passenger who made the mess and didn’t report it to flight attendant.

  4. Story on the swinger party reminds me of something that happened to a friend of mine. In the mid 90s he was on a long term assignment near LA and typically flew in Sunday/Monday and out Friday (long before the shortened Mon-Thurs consulting week became the norm). Well it turns out he had to stay over a weekend and was in a hotel in Marina Del Rey. On Saturday night he was in the bar having a drink after work and notice a lot of couples coming in. The women, in particular, seemed to be in lingerie or nightgowns with a coat over it. Eventually a guy and 2 girls came in the bar for a drink so my friend asked if they knew what was going on. Turns out once a month, on a Saturday night a group gathered for a swinger/sex party. They rented out an entire floor of the hotel. Single males weren’t allowed only couples. The guy and 2 girls asked my friend if he would like to join them and make a foursome. He jumped at the chance. When he got to the floor he said all the room doors were open, anything went and there were examples of any imaginable combination of human bodies. In addition, there were a few strippers and porn stars mixed in with the “normal” crowd. He got totally worn out that night. Never was there again on a Saturday when it occurred but got an experience to last a lifetime.

  5. @Retired Gambler: So you’re saying your “friend” is the real retired gambler?

  6. @jns … whistling is not corruption .

    Also , I doubt that requiring a brand of product is corruption . When you obtain a part for your auto , you may prefer a part from the actual manufacturer , yes ? Same sort of thing .

  7. If the swingers event is so big then why does the hotel even take reservations for non-swingers for that weekend?

  8. I’m sure when the traitor, psychotic narcissist trump was on AF1, he stole as many dishes as possible – he’s been a thief/con artist/grifter his entire life.

  9. Having partied with a few employees of the Washington Post I will say they have quite a collection. What that says about their morals, reporting or altrusim I’ll leave for others to decide.

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