Air France Has A New Safety Video, And It’s The Least Covid Thing Ever

American Airlines released a new safety video during the pandemic but most carriers have continued to use their existing announcements, with a supplement for Covid-19 protocols. (Alaska Airlines, of course, ran their new Covid protocol Safety Dance in some markets during the Superbowl).

Air France though has introduced a brand new safety video. It’s not as chic as their 2015 entry. It is basically a fairly anesthetized montage of scenes in France.

Under normal circumstances I’d say it was serviceable, fine, but hardly interesting or innovative by modern standards. Yet there’s one salient feature to it: a 2021 safety video that makes no reference whatsoever to Covid-19. Nobody is even wearing masks. They’re crowded into a theater, for instance – a packed house – and no one is the least bit concerned about spread in such an indoor congregant setting.

Some might call that tough deaf, but I love it – a paean to normalcy:

We’re on the cusp of a return to normal travel although government mandates will mean things like mask-wearing requirements will persist even after they’re no longer necessary. But this safety video almost serves as a bridge to normal times, when you visit the sites of France and experience living in 2021 like it’s 2019.

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  1. I loved it too. The last one lasted 5-6 years so I take it making these videos isn’t cheap and it’s supposed to last 5-6 years. If they had a video that had mask-wearing and social distancing included, it would be odd to watch it in 2023 (presuming we’d be out of the pandemic by then.)
    Also, I think that’s the same female flight attendant they used from the previous video.
    Personally though I didn’t think AF needed a new flight safety video. The previous one about being ‘tres chic’ is still pretty chic today I think. The company could have saved money especially given the current economy.

  2. It’s definitely the same woman, thank god. But I loved the old one. It was totally chic. Totally French. Timeless. I’m not sure about this one.

  3. Thank goodness- finally some sense of sanity! When flight attendants mention “facemasks” 15 times in onboard announcements and “emergency exit” only once, priorities are way out of wack!!!

  4. Yes, it’s the same woman in this video. She’s a French-Spanish actress named Dorcas Coppin. The male flight attendant in the video is also an actor. The real Air France flight attendants in the video are the ones at the end who are in the Eiffel Tower.

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