Air France Reveals Its New First Class Suite!

It doesn’t even come close to the just-announced Etihad A380 First Class Residence, but Air France has just unveiled its new La Premier First Class Suite.

It has curtains. Curtains. It’s not even a suite with doors.

I suppose I didn’t take this rendition seriously enough.

I like the lighting, though, something that British Airways already does quite well up front.

The colors are nice. They’re going with Sofitel bedding. And they’ll have caviar.

While it does seem very ‘Air France’ it also doesn’t seem very revolutionary, or for that matter better than what other airlines that continue to invest in their first class experience offer. They’re nowhere near the standard of better Asian or Middle Eastern carriers — though no paying passenger will likely ‘route around’ Air France in favor of Lufthansa or British Airways with this product. So perhaps that’s all they were going for.

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  1. I like the curtains. Soft and pretty and less claustorphobic than doors maybe. Yes – not as fab as some other airlines but I’d sleep there if I can have champagne and caviar. 🙂

  2. I see 4 windows which trumps doors. I really like LH 747-8 w/ 4 windows.

  3. I love it. I think the courtains give it a very cozy feel. Classy looking for sure.

  4. My read of the slide show suggests that they are moving to a 4 seat F cabin, aren’t they at 8 now?

  5. I like the curtains. Because they are flexible they can be opened while seated, meaning, they can be pushed aside for a peek into the aisle. A closed suite with a door would mean I would have to get up from my seat (heaven forbid!).

  6. It’s interesting that you used the words “not revolutionary,” because when I saw the Air France picture of the woman in the fancy cabin, my first thought was Marie Antoinette.

  7. “While it does seem very ‘Air France’ it also doesn’t seem very revolutionary.”

    Yeah, as Steve was also implying, I think based on past history, it’s better that the french avoid being too ‘revolutionary’. 🙂 My initial impression when reading that was putting the first class cabin in the back of the plane and a devaluation ‘bloodbath’. lol!

  8. It’s certainly not revolutionary, but it at least makes them competitive with the other European and Asian carriers again. The seat itself seems very similar to that on JAL, TAM, Air China, Asiana, Qatar, etc., although obviously the French have tweaked the styling. It may not stack up against the latest A380 salvo from Etihad, but I imagine Air France makes much of its profit on the trans-Atlantic routes, and this looks to be one of the nicest products across the pond.

    As for the curtains, I like them. They offer the privacy of an enclosed suite but are no doubt significantly cheaper to install.

  9. Any idea when they’re rolling these out, and on what routes? Especially the new Biz Class, since I’m far more likely to take that anyway?

  10. I like the curtains – very old school and charming.

    Technically UA has curtains in GF as well, but it’s reserved for crew rest only. 😉

  11. I know how to make this product revolutionary. Serve champagne and caviar up front, then serve cake in coach.

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