Air France’s Flying Blue Offering Status Matches

A couple of weeks ago, I outlined how airline status matching works — you have elite status with one airline, which airlines are willing to comp you that same status, or let you fly a reduced number of miles to earn equivalent status in their program?

In that post I noted that “It’s rare for a non-US frequent flyer program to offer a status match” but also that Air France KLM’s Flying Blue program offered status matches up to top tier Platinum at the beginning of 2011.

It looks like Flying Blue is back with another status match offer although this time only for Gold status.

As I noted three weeks back, fellow Skyteam member Aerolineas Argentinas has a status match offer. For most US-based flyers, who won’t actually be flying Aerolineas Argentinas, this just amounts to free checked bags and priority boarding on Delta.

Skyteam doesn’t give lounge access to US members flying Delta domestically, lounge access only applies to international itineraries. So it is with Flying Blue Gold.

So again for many the Flying Blue offer just amounts to free checked bags and priority boarding on Delta, plus lounge access when flying international coach (business class travel would entail lounge access anyway).

One added benefit is the ability to book first class awards on Air France. It’s not that great a benefit because the Air France first class seat really isn’t up to the top of world standard, and always costs ‘double miles’. But it’s something they restrict to their own elite members. And for people with more American Express Membership Rewards points than sense, it’s an option.

In order to obtain the match, they want a scan of your current frequent flyer card that shows equivalent status to Gold. The offer says it’s available through May 30.

The last time they offered status matches it took an indeterminate although somewhat long period of time for a response.

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  1. Thanks Gary!

    I should make Delta Gold for the first time this year. But I am flying KLM twice in the next five months, so this will come in handy.

    Does anybody else feel like a bit of a fraud with their Aegean Gold card? 😉

  2. @Stacey – see the link above to Aerolineas Argentinas status matches, they match up to top tier. American AAdvantage has been doing matches for United 1Ks and Delta Diamonds.

  3. Wow! Yet another great tip!
    Would you know for how long the Gold Status remains? Does it make sense to wait until May as I don’t have plans to fly AF/KLM before?

  4. Did it and got the screen saying I’d been upgraded to Gold. But logging into to Flying Blue still shows Ivory. So I’m hoping it just doesn’t show immediately.

  5. Do you know whether the AF match works if you were previously matched during their earlier status match promotion?

  6. I got become Flying Club Gold member. They matched by ELITE Status with Turkish Airlines.

    It really works fast!!

  7. I was trying to get some benefits from Flying Blue. Once I was trying with my SAS Gold elite membership and I typed everything. However, everytime it says,

    “You have not filled out all the fields correctly”

    It makes me crazy…..

    For name: First and last name
    FB number: I just created a new account
    Airlines: SAS
    Gold membership number: EBGXXXXXXX…

    And attached scanned elite cards in jpeg…and error…

    Am I did something wrong?!

  8. Was just matched with a generic screen granting me Gold – but it doesn’t appear to be “instant”, since my profile in Flying Blue is still showing up as Ivory.

    Does anyone know how quickly we can take advantage of this? I’m flying transcontinental KLM/Delta in a few days and would love to take advantage of the benefits ASAP!

  9. Thanks for the tip!

    Does this status match help if one is trying to get to the South Pacific? Do you know how many MR points for two from LAX-PPT?

  10. @Ben I was having the exact same error, tried a different browser (Chrome), and it went through!

  11. Immediately after I submitted the information, the webpages says”Congratulations! You are now a gold member”….

  12. Hi Gary, any link or loop to get a status on any airline? Something similar to getting to get platinum status on le club Accor hotel chain which is quite common and open. I am looking for such link for any airline.

  13. I have US Gold and am contemplating jumping ship to United.

    Could I use my US status to match on Air France and then use that status to match to United? Never status matched to an airline before so I don’t know how it works. Thanks!

  14. Got the message saying I am now instant gold. But profile does not yet shows the new status. I think this is normal or? Thanks, Arne

  15. Are you sure that this link really belongs to Air France?
    It looks more like somebody wants to get our gold card numbers…

  16. After sending an inquiry to Air France via email, they answered: “You drew our attention to the availability of promotional status match offer. Please be advised that we are currently investigating your case. This process may take up to 10 working days. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.”

  17. I just checked my flyingblue profile and I’ve been upgraded to Gold from Ivory. I didn’t have to call them in to remind them.

  18. I am lifetime AA Gold. Silly question? Am I lifetime Gold here too? If not (and I’m sure I’m not) what do I need to do to maintain status?

  19. Gary, thank you. I got the Gold Status. Do you have to use your Flying Blue account number when flying Delta or do you just use your Delta number.

  20. Year of invited Gold almost up – very kindly they’ve given me a soft landing to Silver for the next year though. Which is nice 🙂

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