Airbnb Host Demands Photo Of A Guest Before She Can Enter, Then Starts Creeping [Roundup]

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  1. Insufficient information to know if the AirBNB host is actually being creepy. If they’re putting the guest’s photo ON the access card, it makes sense to ask for a picture, and assume the guest knows you’re looking for a picture to put on the access card. If that’s the photo they got, they might assume the guest was compliment fishing. And/or, if there’s a language/cultural barrier, “You are so beautiful” might just be a benign polite thing to say.

    Really need to know how the remainder of the conversation went to know if the host is being creepy… if the rest of the conversation is, “I’ve had your card printed and you can pick it up at…”, maybe language barrier awkward, but not necessarily creepy.

  2. If you read through more of the Tweet you’ll see that the ABnB host actually asked for a cropped photo, like, passport type of photo. In return, the guest sent a 3/4 length photo of herself looking as if she were (quote) “in a Vogue photo shoot”. To me–and I’m the mother of an extremely attractive 28 y/o daughter–it comes off as a woman seeking attention, but when the attention is given she castigates the person giving the compliment. And no, I’m not a repressed conservative, I’m a woke centrist.

  3. @kimmiea Or someone trying to manufacture controversy to boost their “influencer” profile.

  4. Hobby getting rid of Pappasitos, Pappadeaux and Pappa’s Burgers is one more reason not to fly in or out of there. Obvious money grab to put in an inferior product that they likely make more revenue from.


  5. In re: “the golden age of airline food”

    Alfred Kahn must be spinning in his grave while laughing maniacally:

    “…you had airline deregulation by a guy who was an acolyte of Ronald Reagan.”

    The author is a kumquat (IYKYK)

  6. @AC Thanks for the heads u.An airport to avoid
    Signed A Pappadeaux fan
    Seems Papadeaux cut their hours and variety on menu in only their airport locations
    If I wasn’t on a strict diet I’d be really disappointed

  7. @kimmiea

    It can be both.
    The guy is a CREEP and she ALSO is Entitled.
    many such cases.

  8. It wasn’t roast beef on TWA but Chateaubriand and it was wonderful. Basically a long Filet Mignon that they sliced for you from the cart. Beautifully on the outside and rare to medium (as you prefer) inside.

    Fun fact. I asked how they pulled off a charbroiled steak with only a convection oven on board. On the ground they freeze the meat then sear it resulting in a nice crust on a basically raw steak. When they heat it onboard it cooks just enough to come out perfectly.

    Since they have the same ovens onboard today its not a matter or can’t the airlines just don’t want to even for First Class.

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