Airline Lies, Tells Passengers Airport is Closed and Get Flu Shots When You Fly

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • Chicago O’Hare offers flu shots. That’s where I usually get mine every year, for the convenience of doing it while I’m literally ‘walking by’.

  • With Air Canada ditching Aeroplan in 2020 and starting over, Westjet’s CEO says he sees a huge opportunity.

    “All of a sudden the 30-year head start that Air Canada has had gets neutralized overnight,” he said.

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  • Westjet has also had to apologize to passengers after cancelling flights to the Caribbean and telling them it’s because airports were closed due to hurricane damage — when it wasn’t true.

  • Rwanda has introduced Visa on Arrival

  • Environmental reviews of the proposed four hundred year, $950 trillion dollar California ‘bullet train’ between Los Angeles and San Francisco were supposed to be done already. Then they were pushed back to 2018. And now to 2020. And we’ve always been at war with Eastasia.

    “Due to the magnitude of this program, we have always recognized that our environmental schedules would need to be refined and adjusted on an ongoing basis,” Lisa Marie Alley, a spokeswoman for the California High-Speed Rail Authority, said in a statement Tuesday announcing the delay.

  • Air Cairo has a new livery

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  1. “In an interview with BNN, Gregg Saretsky suggested that Aeroplan members may become “fearful” and redeem their points en masse before the upcoming transition.”

    I am so over AC and Aeroplan that I cashed out just about 200,000 miles for a substantial number of Costco gift cards. I have no faith in Aeroplan to survive, or if they do, for redemption levels to remain where they are.

  2. Air Canada has a unique ability to shoot-itself-in-the-foot, in fact, they specialize in unloading all the bullets into one foot, then reload the gun and open fire on the other foot. It is actually impressive to watch this company inflict nearly endless wounds to itself.

    Horrid management, terrible website, lots of scam charges, abysmal crew and a good 30% of the employees genuinely detest the company and go out of their way to actively fight the company, etc. This very, very, very determined group of people are on a mission to drive passengers away.

    If you haven’t flown Air Canada it is actually an adventure in Grade-C level operations. Incredibly they win various “Best North American Airline” awards from obscure survey companies mainly due to Canadians giving AC a hometown discount.

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