First Class Cabin Outraged By Passenger’s Foot Misconduct: ‘Gross Behavior Is Worse In Two Player Mode’

Two women flying American Airlines first class from Charlotte to Orlando did one of the worst things imaginable on a commercial flight. This mother and her adult daughter were propping up a bare foot in two player mode.

I understand doing whatever it takes to be comfortable when you’re stuck in coach, but not imposing on other passengers around you. But this was first class!

And anyone alive after 1982 should know the simple maxim: “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Dice”. Yet failing to keep shoes on, and failing to keep your bare feet inside your own seating area, is more common on planes which means in public than you’d think.

The person in front of me in an airplane
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What do you do when this happens? Accidentally spill your coffee? Certainly not tickle. Yuck!

Bare feet on a plane is such an awful thing to do to the rest of the passengers in the cabin that a passenger with smelly feet once drove another so nuts that he got stabbed on arrival in the parking lot.

A United Airlines flight attendant reportedly once offered a passenger a $1000 voucher to take their feet off the tray table. I’m confident this was a bluff, that the airline wouldn’t have made good. But they were trying to creatively solve the problem.

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  1. Personally, I’m happy to be in the social group that doesn’t think one should be a pig in public. But that’s just me….

  2. Getting back to the topic, I would ‘ve simply asked the person in front to kindly put their feet out of my seating area.

    If that wouldn’t work then I would have called the F/A.

  3. Has this blog been taken over by the National Enquirer? What a hot mess, so disappointing from a guy who’s been educating and entertaining us so well over the years. Why not put a monkey in charge of a separate garbage blog and get on with it, Gary? Or are you just tired and/or bored?

  4. @Steve_YYZ Assuming you aren’t being facetious I’m pretty sure that would be considered aggravated assault

  5. My travels have always had me in Coach, so most likely we won’t encounter each other.

    On the trip I will probably be barefoot. The flights go several hours, not counting layovers. When I spend that much time crammed into close quarters inside a metal tube I’m all about being reasonably comfortable.

    For me being barefoot is a major part of that. I’ve flown barefoot many times & the world didn’t end. Most people either didn’t notice or didn’t care.

    I keep my feet nicely pedicured, since I don’t wear closed shoes I don’t have foot odor, & on the plane I keep my feet on the floor & in my space. I have my flip-flops with me but I’m afraid they wouldn’t be much help with your problem, as you would see as much of my feet & toes as when I’m barefoot.

  6. Meghan this is simply gross. I don’t care about your pedicure or your feet. I hope you have at least the decency to keep them on the disgusting floor. This is why people wear shoes.

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