Airline Puts Delayed Passengers in S&M-Themed Hotel, Makes Them Share Room

When I experience flight delays that force an airport overnight, I make my own hotel booking and send the bill to the credit card company I used to buy the ticket.

I don’t stand in line and wait for the airline to give me a voucher for a hotel of their choosing. Because it’s highly unlikely to be a hotel I’d choose.

That’s a lesson learned by two women whose Hainan Airlines flight was delayed on Valentine’s Day.

Hainan Airlines flight HU7388 from Chongqing City to Hangzhou was delayed due to weather and then ultimately cancelled, causing a forced overnight.

Take note, US airlines: passengers were provided hotel accommodations during a weather event. However,

Two Chinese women were forced to stay in a kinky ‘50 Shades of Grey’ style hotel room on Valentine’s Day after their flight was cancelled.

The pair were sent to a themed suite – which featured a dominatrix-style ‘sex chair’ with handcuffs and a circular bed – after their Hainan Airlines flight from Chongqing to Hangzhou was grounded due to bad weather on Sunday evening.

These two passengers were surprised by the room they received.

Luobao was shocked when she and the other woman were shown the room in the Chongqing sex hotel, complete with “love chair”, chains, and wrist and ankle cuffs.

The embarrassed Luobao later shared photographs of the unconventional room on social media with the caption: “We are two single girls; is this sex room our Valentine’s gift? I cannot accept the ‘thoughtful’ gesture.”

So there’s that…

    Passenger described the room on social media site Weibo

What I want to know is: was this a pre-arranged airline rate (suggesting the carrier uses the hotel regularly), or did these women earn points?

(HT: Road Warrior Voices)

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  1. Ok, this is too funny…..But I am sure that somewhere, probably in America, there are stranded passengers who would like this room!

  2. While this is a weather related delay, the actual reason for cancellation is because the inbound aircraft was stuck at the origin, therefore this classifies as due to aircraft rotation

  3. Lucky you would like that room wouldn’t you? I have stayed in a hotel like that im AMS and paid top dollar. Worth every penny

  4. With the CSP card, will two one way tickets count as a round trip for reimbursement purposes? I sometimes book one way awards on different programs.

  5. Its not the theme that’s the biggest problem. It’s you know for a fact that room is covered in body fluids. Ew.

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