Airline Tells Authorities To Shove It, They Won’t Enforce Mask Mandate Anymore [Roundup]

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  1. As I’ve said before, the words of politicians and judges mean nothing if they are not enforced and individuals are not complicit in them. This applies to cops not enforcing gun control, drug laws, or speech laws in Europe. It also applies to flight attendants. How many incidents and situations to flights could have been prevented if flight attendants minded their own business and sat down in their jump seats instead of harass a 2 year old for not wearing a mask or a passenger who doesn’t put a mask on in between sips of water or snacking on food.

  2. @ Jackson

    And why 2? After a couple of these incidents Biden and Co could have just changed the age to 4 without causing a plague to sweep the country.

  3. Why do the entire plane miss their flight because one woman refused to adhere to the mask mandate? Why didn’t the airline just boot her off and let the authorities deal with her rather than making the whole plane pay?

  4. When one (or more) of the US big 4 tell the feds they will no longer enforce the mask mandate, we will have returned to normality regardless of what Fauci says.
    I was just on a flight within the last week and two flight attendants responded to a passenger question about when the mask mandate will end by saying that it is scheduled to end in a couple weeks and they can’t wait for it to be over.
    There is a very small minority that wants it to last and it is not airline execs or most employees or the vast majority of the traveling public.

  5. While I will be Very Happy for the mask mandate to end I am really waiting for the end of the US testing requirement when returning home. Utterly ridiculous for those who are fully vaccinated with no symptoms. This rule is what is hurting travel and tourism right now as people are afraid of getting stranded somewhere. The Pharmaceutical companies love it. Big $ in selling tests.

  6. @CMorgan, I don’t think it’s so much the pharmaceutical industry, for which the fly home tests are only a tiny segment of the market. I think it’s more the labs which have a windfall performing expensive and unnecessary rapid turnaround tests to the public. But remember these are the same people who kept the Brits and Europeans out for many months after it was absolutely obvious that they posed no threat to us. They (and I mean both administrations) do not base their decisions on science but on optics.

  7. Will be wonderful when the Mask Derangement Syndrome is finally over. I’m sure the royal ferret won’t be too happy. Tough!!

  8. Biden is going to open the southern border to an onslaughter of illegal aliens (who do not get tested or need vax) because COVID is subsiding. Yet I still have to wear a mask on a plane? Looney Leftists!

  9. Simple. Arrest their corporate officers. Revoke their operating certificate. Lock their bank accounts. Done.

  10. I turned 75 last week, and this is all I got from Delta:

    “We’re Proud to Serve
    And Celebrate You

    Happy Birthday, XXXX!

    We have the honor of being a part of some of the best moments of your life–whether you’re reconnecting with family or discovering a part of the world on a solo trip. And that includes one of your most special days, your birthday.

    This year, we hope travel brings you more inspiration than usual, that more of your dreams come true than you thought possible, and that you know how much we value being a part of your journey around the sun.

    Once again, happy birthday!”

    And I’m a Diamond Medallion. I feel cheated. 🙁 🙁

  11. As a front line airline employee I had thought this is the view the US airlines should have taken from the get go. Ask, post signs, and leave it be. The instant the first FA was assaulted, this should have been the change in policy, unless Biden wills the government to purchase tickets for their own enforcers on every flight.

    I am so over berating passengers about this stupid $#@%ing mask.

  12. When is the ridiculous one day antigen testing ending?! We are “older” and we may wear a mask in the airport which is our choice. We are going to Botswana/SA in Sept. and they cancelled testing for vaxxxed travelers. At least let vax travelers skip antigen testing. Our biggest concern testing + and stuck in SA. WTH is the CDC waiting for?

  13. We just don’t see behaviors like this in Europe on planes. People cooperate to protect their own health and/or that of others. Must be an example of American Freedumb at its best.
    She’s an embarrassment to women everywhere.

  14. And the seatbelts? Next time I get some busybody airlines attendant reminding me to buckle a seatbelt that has no scientific value- boom- straight to the moon, Alice!

  15. The anti-masker should be thrown in jail for causing everyone to miss their flight. Only way these people are going to learn that the world does not revolve around them.

  16. I flew Turkish Airlines (3/30-4/1) IAD-IST-MNL and although some wore masks no enforcers from the crew OR at IST (layover). It was great!

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