Airport Shops Demanding Tips At Self-Checkout [Roundup]

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  1. Guess Gary’s got all the click’s he can out of AA’s lavs or common soap dispensers in hotel showers, and has moved on to tips…

    A poorly coded machine giving a tip screen is not the same as “Demanding” a tip.
    (A coding error that Gary encountered “that one time at Austin airport” is stupid, yes, but not anything more nefarious)

    People, you have the power to choose. Use it.

  2. Over the past year I am encountering more of these “Tip Screens” at take out & small conveience retail stores. I will sometimes leave a dollar depending on the amount I have spent & the type store or service I am receiving. – Most often when I am provided a list of tip options I will choose to leave zero tip as I do not feel it’s appropriate or ethical to solicit for tips.
    I this specific case I would have chosen to not to purchase & opted for an alternative snack at another store.

  3. Re: France short haul air travel ban – considering the stated position of the French government (and EU) with regard to reducing carbon emissions/GHG, I’d consider those 5 routes to be the INITIAL 5 routes.

    The plan stemmed from legislation, thus can be altered via vote by the French Parliament. The French high-speed rail network is undergoing expansion. But color me a cynic – optics will also have a part once it’s realized how de minimus the contribution to GHG reduction these 5 initial routes will have.

  4. TIP means TO INSURE PROMPTNESS, If I’m doing all the work…..Why would I give a thank you to someone else, when I did all the work??

  5. If you think taking the bullet trains is the same as flying, it is not.
    The main reason is trains are full of criminals. Luggage stealing is a lucrative business and police don’t care. Just an FYI before your vacation is ruined!
    I know so many people that got their luggage stolen on a train, it’s a pandemic.
    And strangely, it is not on the agenda of the media, so they don’t talk about that either, but it is real!

    Also, governments all over Europe are under pressure to justify the trillions of € spent over 4 decades on those bullet train infrastructures.

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