Airport Starbucks Start Doing Mobile Ordering [Roundup]

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  1. Avoiding Russian oil is sort of pointless. Russia can simply ship more oil to China or other countries. Same goes for titanium.

    Contrast that with natural gas: Over the short run, Russia can’t sell more to China as the existing pipes are at 100% capacity utilization already. They can’t just export elsewhere.

    It would be much more effective if Europe stopped importing Russian natural gas. However, countries like my home country Germany (which sources 55% of its natural gas from Russia) or Italy hurt economically if they stop buying from Russia.
    While quite costly for these Western economies, it is ultimately considered feasible to do it.

    That would be the toughest sanction on Russia. Keep in mind through its sales of fossil fuels alone, Russia is able to run current-account surpluses. And those surpluses help it to bear the other sanctions. Not saying those other sanctions are ineffective, but the West hasn’t used its most powerful weapon (short of going to war) yet.

  2. Maybe if Hawaii stopped hating the rest of America, America might be inclined to help the islands out. OTOH, given the draconian way the state has acted the last year, let ’em pay through the nose.

  3. It always irks me that the franchise owners don’t require airport concessionaires to operate the same way as the non-airport locations do. I get that operating costs are higher, in airports but not allowing customers to use the app or deals within the app makes for a terrible customer experience as most don’t know that the location is run by HMS or DNC. As for mobile ordering, not providing that until now is just silly. It doesn’t cost much and should bring in more revenue since people would be apt to use it if they don’t want to wait in line.

  4. I’ve been using the mobile ordering at TPA Starbucks for a while now. I put my order in when I pull up to the curb, zip through PreCheck, walk past the eternally long Starbucks line and grab my drunk off the counter. Glorious.

  5. Sounds like the Germans should fire up their Windmills and Solar plants to replace the eventually sanctioned Russian oil and gas.

    Hawaii? Let them feel the pain.

  6. Can a thief grab someone’s drink off the counter at Starpesos or do you have to prove your identity?
    Asking for a friend….

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