Alaska Airlines Invited Employee Comments, Fired One For Commenting [Roundup]

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  1. I would’ve fired that AS flight attendant too. This is a seattle based airline, of course they’re going to be on the front lines of progressive values. Theres really no room in 2022 for anti-gay bigotry.

  2. Welcome to Brandon’s America…..Where it’s easier to get fentanyl than baby formula.
    Straight: BAD
    White: BAD
    Employed: BAD
    Law-abiding: BAD
    Independent thinker: BAD
    Patriotic: BAD
    anything else?

  3. Not sure I would want a crew member that feels discrimination against gays is her Religious right on any of my flights. What would keep her from pushing her beliefs on others when on the job?
    Of course I feel any religion that promotes discrimination against anyone, whether an immigrant, gay, black or whatever is wrong. There is a growing number of “Christians” that have lost the plot. Jesus certainly was very liberal. I can’t imagine what he would think of the anti woke, pro gun, white power nationalists that are using his name. Fortunately most aren’t like that…..yet.

  4. I was so glad when AS finally got rid of those annoying prayer cards. And they fired an anti-gay bigot?? GOOD!

  5. So much hatred coming from the left – esp. when others disagree with them.

    So much for the party of “tolerance”

  6. Yes John L…the Christian Right has done such a wonderful job of tolerance….not.
    We’ve all been played against each other and the vehicle was hatred of anyone different in an effort to gain power .We can thank trump for shifting that sentiment into high gear. I recently saw were a well known evangelical Pastor actually said there would be another Civil War only this time the right side will win. Ironic that people that complain about the downfall of America are some of the biggest contributors to the hate and division growing in this Country.

  7. There are certain beliefs Americans are forced to believe. One is that identifying as LGBT is completely, utterly, acceptable. We go so far as to shut down any scientific research that has even the whiff of a possibility of finding that it’s not so healthy.

    Liberals, the pro-science group, have imposed a forgone conclusion (LGBT is normal) and prohibited all inquiry to the contrary.

    This isn’t an Alaska problem it’s a western civilization problem. Remember that homosexuality is sinful and unlawful in many other parts of the world, we are not superior to them, and a lot of travel bloggers gush about the luxury hotels in those places.

  8. GREAT JOB Alaska Airlines. She should be fired and not work in an atmosphere with all types of walks in life. Shame on the attorney that accepts this case. KARMA IS A B**CH

  9. @jjmpdx
    Are you from Portland, the whitest area in the west, where diversity just means trying to get white people to wesrdifferent?

  10. Kudos to Alaska for firing a hatemongering piece of garbage. The Trumpanzees and the remainder of the extra-chromosome right-wingers seem to think that it’s okay to discriminate against someone for an immutable characteristic.

    Here’s a thought;

    Don’t like same gender marriage? Don’t marry someone of the same gender.

    Don’t like abortion?
    Don’t have one.

    Don’t like marijuana?
    Don’t smoke or ingest it.

    Don’t like alcohol?
    Don’t drink it?

    And stay the Eff out of my bedroom, my private life, and womens’ reproductive health.

    And is working as a flight attendant really a great career choice for a homophobic twit, where an outsized percentage of the male employees are gay? Kinda like a temperance activist becoming a bartender or an anti-firearm activist becoming a gunsmith.

    But then again, who ever said that these so-called “Christians” were smart? (Or that they actually followed all of Jesus’ purported teachings?)

  11. @Neal Z, everybody. A member of the “tolerant” left:

    Calling a human being, who has never been convicted of any crime, a hatemongering piece of garbage — simply for different beliefs? Check.

    Claiming “gender” as an “immutable” characteristic when his own party advocates for the fluidity of gender expression? Check.

    Lambasting Christians? Check.

  12. One problem is that schools brainwash kids into thinking there is freedom of speech. There is not. The only freedom of speech is that one can criticize the government about a matter of public interest and not be executed. Other than that, there is no freedom of speech.

    There is no freedom of speech with non-government employers.
    There is no freedom of speech with a government employer for personnel matters or something not a matter of public concern.

    Keep your head down, do you job well, do not criticize. That is the way to keep your head from being cut off.

  13. Yep @Yin Jing at some point Christianists will get push back for forcing their hateful, mean-spirited, anti-Christian rhetoric on the rest if us. Believe what you want, just don’t force the land of religious liberty — including the right to be FREE OF RELIGION — to believe as you do. And please stop it with your extremist checklists. We’ve got a long list of grievances against people that hide behind fake outrage if you really want to swap checklists. So tired.

  14. @Been there is “So tired.” yet donating his time commenting anonymously on a blog. Says it all about liberal hypocrisy.

  15. I hope AS and its FA union get taken to the cleaners in the suit. Enough is enough of this garbage.

    I hope the wokesters in these comments read the actual complaint so they can come back and try to explain how the questions posed via the comment board were “bigoted.” I won’t hold my breath.

  16. There was so much garbage on my screen that I couldn’t even read the article. Perhaps I’ll come across it later. One thing that I learned years ago from a woman who just hated me while we were forming a non-profit: Whenever I feel the need to express myself, I think of her looking over my shoulder … and I tone it down. She was a nut-case, everyone knew it, but she still caused a great deal of sturm and drang until we finally got rid of her. Life is too short to deal with these idiots, too much time is wasted on them … so use some common sense when you express your opinions.

  17. There is no such things as “transgender”
    These people are mentally ill and the “cure” is to mutilate their bodies. They can do what they want but shouldn’t expect others to enable their delusion.

    it’s also bad when children are indoctrinated and groomed into this.

  18. What is it, this obsession with people’s skin color, genitalia, and what they do in the bedroom with whom? Why do they use that as the primary factor that defines who they are? The vast majority of people don’t care. Yet they feel compelled to draw attention to it.

  19. @Neal Z

    Don’t like abortion?
    Don’t get one

    Thats like saying. “Don’t like murder, don’t kill anyway”
    Abortion = murder.

  20. @Gary: I have to hand it to you, your marketing the site to the crazy Christians has proven successful. Every nutcase out there is posting. Who knows, maybe a guest post by the Buffalo Racist Killer is planned? And now I see @Jackass Waterson is not even close to the bottom.

  21. Let me add one Neal.

    Don’t like Neal
    Don’t attempt to stop others from ending his existence.

  22. Many members of the thought police on these comments. It will come back to you – guaranteed.

  23. @Neal Z,

    I agree with your suggestions, you should take your own advise. The problem is that if a liberal doesn’t like a TV show, they don’t change the channel, they want the show cancelled for everyone. They don’t like a radio show or podcast, instead of not listening, they want the hosts cancelled. Don’t like a fast food place because they donate to a charity that doesn’t fit the liberal narrative? Instead of eating somewhere else, close them down. Police trying to protect the population from criminals? Defund.

    Liberals want to protect abortion and “your body” from government interference yet liberals were all for the government forcing vaccines and masks on people who wanted to protect THIER bodies from government interference to the point of termination of their livelihood The list goes on and on.

    It’s wholly apparent that a liberals only goal is to have every non liberal be as angry and miserable they are. The irony is delicious.

  24. Everyone is entitled to an opinion whether or not it’s the “right” one. She’s even entitled to say what she thinks on a comment card! BUT – and this is the key – when working with customers/pax she needs to treat all of them equally in spite of her opinion. If she has always been professional on the job and her anti-gay opinion has been kept to herself, then although I totally disagree with her attitude, I don’t think she should have been penalized.

  25. @koggerj
    Too bad you weren’t born a trans, so we can hear what kind of complaints you would have engendered, but then again you indoctrinated yourself as a Chumpster, and that’s even worse.

  26. Good, AS should pay out for discriminating against her. The same neo-communist woke childless well to do virtue signalers salivating over her firing would be quiet if she was a muslim who asked the very same question.

  27. I took the time to read the legal complaint by the flight attendants, all 54 pages of it. I’m glad that they are suing the union as well as the airline. I would not at all be surprised if there is some sort of “settlement” where the airline and union both “neither admit or deny liability” but pay each flight attendant a sum of money (and attorney fees) in order to make the legal case go away, possibly in exchange for their silence as well.

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