All Major Hotel Chains Except Marriott Have Suspended Development In Russia

Hilton, Hyatt, and Accor have suspended new hotel development in Russia. So has IHG. They still have existing hotels under their brands in the country.

The only major chain, then, that’s been silent on its continued operations in Russia is Marriott. They’ve talked about support for humanitarian efforts in Ukraine (paywall) but haven’t spoken to their investment in Russia.

As one former Marriott executive said to me, “China is so important to them that they probably are considering how China views all this.” Marriott’s CEO of course has gone out of his way to flatter President Xi and handling of Covid-19 (obliteration of civil liberties) and Marriott even alerted the Chinese state to the presence of banned books in one of its hotels.

Marriott Moscow Grand Hotel, credit: Marriott

Cancelling all things Russia may have gone too far, like boycotts of Russian restaurants in the U.S. run by people who left Russia and now this.

Suspending new developments in Russia may be weak sauce, but it’s symbolism and Marriott will surely find its way to follow the symbolic masses.

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  1. Marriott somehow still does business in Venezuela, which most US companies have left.

  2. Thinking about developing hotels in Russia makes no sense now. The Russian economy is in free fall. Domestic and particularly International tourism and business travel will certainly be hurt significantly. Chains probably will be closing hotels not opening them

    I bet Putin is willing to give the Big Orange One a great deal on his hotel project.

  3. Suspending development is quite different from suspending operations. And thus far none of the hotel brands have done so. Park Hyatt is available for $299 right now if you like. The Regency is a whopping $79.

    I can only help but think they are all colluding on this. Agreeing that one will not suspend OPERATIONS so as to detract attention away from the fact that most major retailers, etc have taken the gut punch while hotels quietly fall under the radar. They know well that if one brand shuts down operations they all will have to.

  4. To add, of course, and so as to paint the reality, the Marriott and Hyatt in Kyiv have the sad message of, “Coming Soon” when trying to book. I guess in the hotel business being on the side of the aggressor and tyrant is far more rewarding than that of the tormented subject.

  5. Heading there next week with the family…. can’t wait to enjoy Mother russia

  6. All Russia has to do is say that it is nationalizing the properties. I’m of your mind but I’m not certain how any of the hotels get out of the situation without losing their properties.

    When the guy who used to be Putin’s personal banker wanted to retire and focus on his personal investments, most of his assets were nationalized — forced sales for pennies on the dollar. Another Russian banker likened his departure to a departure from the mafia — as you know too much, it’s not easily done. The guy did manage to make it to London and, strangely enough, he’s still alive.

  7. I assume they’re willing to take trade for a room. 3 reindeer skins and a bucket of wheat equals 1 bed king deluxe. Throw in a used Kalashnikov, never fired dropped once, for a suite upgrade?

  8. Does Marriott even own any hotels in Russia? Or operate them? Maybe they just let them use the brand name.

  9. @FNT Delta Diamond Came exactly to comment that, doesn’t come as a complete surprise being basically the last foreign hotel company standing there..

    Ohh the good old days of paying (and being rewarded for) ~$800/nights , while out of pocket real rate was around $50/Nt.

  10. @FNT Delta Diamond by the way, the highly resilient owner of the Marriotts there, is also the owner of RC Aruba and now RC Turk & Caicos. So all the struggle somehow paid off. (I have personal horror stories of my long stays there).

  11. I don’t know how Marriott International has managed to keep its three or four properties in Venezuela.

  12. I have a Marriott BonVoy credit card that I recently used to purchase a $300 plus pair of Michael Jordan sneakers. I had no idea Marriott was in Russia. Thank you for letting me know.

  13. OMG they have a hotel in some backwater freezing country full of mud and misery (Russia)

    Now do China…

  14. Hopefully all the money theyve invested in Russia will be taken by Putin’s government. Justice comes in many ways. Ask themselves then, was it worth staying there and operating? Hope they lose BIG!!!

  15. Get out of Russia. I’m revoking my credit card with you. I will support the murder of Ukrainians!

  16. Get out of Russia. I’m revoking my credit card with you. I will not support the murder of Ukrainians!

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