All Major Hotel Chains Will Require Guests In U.S. And Canada To Wear Masks (Hilton Will Pull Up The Rear)

Marriott was first out of the gate with a face mask requirement for guests while indoors. Initially they announced the policy as being for ‘all hotels’ but then clarified it was for hotels in the U.S. and Canada. That’s the same policy Hyatt announced as well.

Now IHG, parent of brands including Holiday Inn, Kimpton, Intercontinental and others, has adopted a face mask policy for guests at its U.S. and Canadian hotels. Minor chain Loews is also requiring guests to wear face masks.

Hyatt, being Hyatt though, says that anyone who doesn’t have a mask will be given one. I guess you could consider this a 50 cent rebate on every day of your stay?

Hyatt specified in its updated policies that guests seen without appropriate face coverings at its properties will be asked to wear them, and face masks will be made available for those without one of their own.

Hilton hasn’t yet updated its policy to match, but says that it will do so.

Since we’re a few days away from enforcement at some chains, it’s not yet clear how well enforced these policies will be – employees have already been required to wear masks, but compliance has anecdotally been hit-or-miss across properties. In hotel chain asset light models, most hotels are independently owned. Franchised properties especially, in smaller cities that may not be visited as frequently, may have less compliance – and we’ve already seen plenty of hotels not living up to new cleaning standards.

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  1. If they really want to protect people they would require proof of essential travel. Going on a Summer vacation and putting yourself at risk (mask or not) should be restricted within the mindset of rules like this. Hotels are very dirty places in general and hard to keep clean even at upscale brands. Any traveler that is concerned about avoiding the risk of catching Covid19 should not travel unless absolutely neccesary. When you travel for non-essential reasons you are putting essential travelers at risk of getting Covid19. This is also true for most other types of travel transportation such as flying on an airline or by train. Travel by private passenger vehicle and staying outdoors is much safer as long as you avoid restaurants and gas stations as much as possible. This may be one reason why there have been massive sales of RV’s this Summer. It is very hard to find one for sale but by keeping yourself away from hotels and public transportation you can do your part in limiting the spread of Covid19.

  2. I have spent this weekend at Andell Inn on Kiawah island in South Carolina. Hotel was spotlessly clean and very little interactions with other people. Definitely, much less than going to a grocery store. If you go to a restaurant and seat outside you would have more potential contact. Yes, everyone was wearing masks in a hotel but that is hardly matter if you are passing someone ca. 10 ft away. If someone has a concern about traveling for whatever reason, please go ahead and stay at the basement and order groceries and food for in home delivery. I am fine with that. Just do not tell me that I have to do the same.

  3. @dannmci
    I disagree
    I am leaving for portugal next week for pure leisure )canadian passport and resident)
    People have the right to stay home but not to tell others to do the same
    I am not willing to hole up for the rest of my life

  4. @Doug – For some reason, the comments section of this TRAVEL blog is populated largely by people who don’t want anyone to travel.

  5. @Doug I agree completely. If @Dannmci wants to sit at home good but he shouldn’t try and impose his views on the rest of us. If we aren’t in a lockdown and destinations are accepting visitors it is anyone’s right to travel. Personally I’m going on my 4th casino trip since early June next week and my family also rented a beach house for a week in Florida over 4th of July (w private pool, walked to beach and pretty much kept to ourselves). I’m sure this is making you nervous Dan but, trust me, I wear a mask as recommended, make sure I distance from people and use a lot of hand sanitizer (plus wash hands thoroughly many times a day). I’m 62 but have a strong immune system and feel very comfortable with the decisions I’ve made. I’ll also take any consequences of my actions with the expectation that if I am infected, due to my overall health situation, I’d be in the 90% with no symptoms or mild ones. If that isn’t the case I’m good w that as well. I’m retired, family is set financially (including next generation) and I’ve had a great run so no regrets either way.

    I’m making the decisions I feel are best for me and balance health concerns with my desire to travel. No point in living if you are holed up at home worried to death about the virus..

  6. Danin MCI. You do realize you are posting on a travel blog designed for people who enjoy travel and who frequently do so? Perhaps you should find another place to post more geared towards your interests.

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