Almost-Kardashian Melts Down At Miami Airport Over Unvaccinated Fan Who Wants A Photo

Blac Chyna, the former stripper and Urban Model Awards model of the year, is known for three things.

  • Relationships. She has children with exes Tyga and Rob Kardashian
  • Business. A clothing line and brand of adhesive eyelashes
  • Air passenger meltdowns. She ought to be considered practically the patron saint of the ‘Passenger Shaming’ Instagram feed.

Five years ago she was denied boarding by British Airways for being high, found carrying MDMA, and arrested in the Austin airport. She’d been drunk and belligerent on her inbound American Airlines LA – Austin flight, ‘fighting with the flight attendant and acting like a drunken fool’ screaming “y’all got no respect for me, I gotta tie my shoes, let me tie my yeazies.” Rob Kardashian drove his Bentley from LA to Austin to pick her up. And all I could figure from the routing is that’s what had award space available.

And three years ago she flew Air France to Abuja, Nigeria and used the coat hook of her business class seat to hang up her wig.

Now she making a scene at the Miami airport (natch) yelling at a fan who wanted a photo that she’d better be vaccinated. That’s fair, I don’t want unvaccinated folks coming up to me in airports either. Though she’s clearly not wearing a mask, in violation of federal rules.

She’s currently suing Kris and Kylie Jenner and Kim and Khloe Kardashian for defamation and tortious interference ovr the cancellation of her E! show, “Rob & Chyna.”

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  1. “That’s fair, I don’t want unvaccinated folks coming up to me in airports either.”

    Shame on you. You are supposed to be “protected”.
    Continue living in that fear.

  2. @Ricky: The vaccine is very effective at preventing severe covid that would put you in the hospital and/or kill you. Pre-Delta variant, the vaccine WAS extremely effective at preventing infection, but now that Delta is the dominant strain (at least in the US), it is easier for vaccinated individuals to be infected. Even if I, a vaccinated person, won’t get sick enough to require medical intervention, I still don’t want Covid and to feel horrible for two weeks and possibly infect others. Plus there are lots of long-haul effects we don’t fully know about yet: lung scarring, losing taste and smell for months, etc. Unvaccinated people are orders of magnitude more likely than vaxxed people to be both infected with covid and require hospitalization. “cOnTiNuE LiViNg iN ThAt fEaR”, yeah ok… if you’re unvaccinated, don’t come near me.

    Stop peddling old information and emotional arguments to justify whatever resistance you have to doing your part to get us out of this pandemic. You’re not some manly maverick or free thinker or whatever, you and people like you are belligerent children who get off on being contrarians and doubling down on resisting the advice of the global medical community and are keeping us all stuck in this mess.

  3. @Ricky

    Go exercise “your freedoms” and I will exercise my freedom to LIVE and be healthy. The more of you that end up as a statistic might be a blessing in disguise

  4. @Ricky —>. Despite the fact I am vaccinated, and even had my third BOOSTER of the Pfizer vaccine, I *still* wear my mask indoors around strangers and outdoors in crowds. I also wear my mask while in the airport and on the airplane. Being vaccinated protects me, but there is a) no harm in minimizing my risk of exposure by continuing to wear my mask in public; b) just in case I suffer a “breakthrough infection” (no vaccine in history has ever been 100% effective), why would I want to expose others? I might be asymptomatic. Why would I want to take the chance of possibly infecting others?

  5. Waste of time to discuss much with Ricky. He has a closed mind to science……that is until he or someone he loves contracts Covid and dies. Just ask the anti-mask relatives of one of the 700,000 who are now D.E.A.D from a Covid infection. Yes, 700,000. Some Hoax, huh?

  6. The vaccine mandate is fascist. All you covidiots who want force others to get the vaccine because you don’t feel safe don’t understand the science. You’re sheep.

  7. @ Ricky. You write what you THINK while the others comment on what they FEEL. Feelings certainly have a place in relationships but hardly useful in science. That FACT has been lost on those who form their opinions based on MSM content; content specifically designed to entertain and for viewer retention rather than knowledge and enlightenment.

  8. I’ve never seen such an ineffective “vaccine”, but yes, lets all continue to get it and the boosters and mask up for the rest of our days because “safety”.

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