AMAZING DEAL: Hyatt Regency Paris Club Rooms $21 + 3000 Points Per Night

Back in March the Hyatt Regency Paris Étoile had their Ambassadors Suites for sale at just $142 a night plus tax.

Now the property is back with another unbelievably great sale — they have club level rooms for $21 plus 3000 points per night.

Don’t have any Hyatt points? Chase Ultimate Reward points transfer instantly to Hyatt, and Hyatt is offering a bonus on purchased points through the end of the month as well.

And don’t forget if you have one of Hyatt’s co-brand cards the deal is even better because stays completed by October 31 get 10% of points rebated.

Just pull up whatever dates you wish, then select “Show Hyatt Gold Passport Points & Awards” to see this option.

Now, this isn’t the best hotel in Paris, but it does have some of the best views.

And the available rate does come with club lounge access.

Rates here vary tremendously over the course of the year, here’s a rate that came up in December:

But in June it’s much higher:

Two important caveats:

  • Only book what you’re certain you will use. Cancellation policy will follow the regular rate for a given set of nights.

  • Don’t make other non-refundable or non-changeable plans around the reservation yet. There’s certainly a chance that the hotel will decide not to honor such a great deal. Several people stayed in the Ambassador suite on the March sale, and I don’t recall anyone telling me that they had difficulty with it, so that’s encouraging at least.

Thanks to Jordan H. for sharing this!

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  1. This hotel isn’t worth a penny right now , I stayed in the ambassador suite last month and it’s the worst room in my travels. The whole hotel is under construction and I don’t understand why they are selling these rooms

  2. @tokyo hyatt fan — cancel policies will follow hotel rules for the given night, I think i pulled up a night where all rooms on property were prepaid, regardless at the very least most nights are cancellable so ive updated

  3. Very nice rate – thanks! Does anyone know if this rate can be combined with a DSU (and if it counts for stay credit)?

  4. Tommy or anyone else that has stayed at the ambassador suite. Did you get in on that hotel mistake fare and did they honor that mistake rate?

  5. Thank you very much Gary. This will make a nice birthday present for my mom. Great find. I will give it a week or so before i book airfare.

  6. Booked for three nights over Christmas when the construction workers will hopefully be on Holiday! Merci et Joyeux Noel, Gary!!!

  7. 2 rooms 3 nights. 1 family spring break! All my points or I’d stay longer…THANKS @Gary Leff

  8. GOLD PASSPORT CLUB UPGRADE CERTIFICATE – Valid on Regency/Grand Club only

    So I read this to mean that one needs a regular reservation and then this certificate will upgrade that.

  9. That is a nice deal. I already had plans to be in Paris for 3 nights next February and was just starting to scout for hotel deals. This ended the scouting — booked!

    Thanks for the heads up!

  10. This article is misleading. For the inexperienced Hyatt booker, it implies that you can book a Club Room for $21 and 3k points per night. After transferring over points from UR, and being on the phone with an agent, I discovered that no, this is just a room upgrade for $21 & 3k per night.

    Gary, before anyone else gets stuck in a points transfer that they wouldn’t normally have made for just an upgrade, I’d suggest you make this a lot more clear. I’m pretty annoyed now.

  11. Is this only for the upgrade from the standard room or is this actually standalone? The name seems to imply that it’s for the upgrade…

  12. I take it back. Apparently, it’s a mistake rate, and is likely to be altered some time today.

  13. Gary, I made a booking for a four night stay next May and received a confirmation with the rate info as described. Obviously, this is a mistake rate. The question is will it be honored at checkin.

  14. JasonD.. thanks for calling and ruining this deal for everybody else. Hope you enjoy your room

  15. I really really despise people like you Jason D, ruining things for other people. Now I have 3000 Hyatt points that I dont need. I hope you feel better about yourself.

  16. A lot of people complain about this property. In my experience ( 10 days ago) there was no noise at all. Yes, it is dated and going though a complete renovation….but they have a buffer floor between guests rooms in use and the renovation work. The lounge is somewhat quirky but in a good way: the physical space is very 1970s but the food is fine for breakfast and evening snacks.
    This is a quick stroll through the shopping mall to Porte Maillot metro. Air France bus stop is just outside the hotel.
    Sure, not the greatest hotel in Paris but when there is no conference on at the Congress Centre this can be a very reasonably priced alternative ( and beats the pants off the Le Meridien Etoile across the street).

  17. It’s not a ‘mistake’: these appear on many Hyatt property sites . The rate ($21 plus 3000) is to upgrade Clearly the better option for diamonds is to use the C&P rate ( with the likelihood of a club level room and the certainty of lounge access).

  18. While calling Hyatt about the deal would be selfish (and this is being kind),…. I’d never do it. The likelihood of it being honored is low given Hyatt’s recent track record with the Cash and Points suite deal at the Grand Hyatt Santiago. (and that wasn’t even that great of a deal for a diamond as I assume many cash and point bookings with a suite upgrade cert would clear on days when this deal was available.) So I wouldn’t get too upset folks.

  19. Oh, now I see the mistake: hope it sticks for those of you who got it ( it would be the bargain of the year!).

  20. Thanks for the post! I booked a club room earlier today for 5 nights next June at the 3,000 pts + $21 rate. My confirmation shows it as a room reservation (i.e. not an upgrade). My question is, if this indeed is a mistake rate that the hotel might withdraw, what is the time frame when that might happen? In other words, any guidance on when I can safely assume that it’s a done deal and can go ahead and book flights?

  21. I booked it last night, and I assume Hyatt will cancel the booking at some point. Plus, they would have found out one way or another, so I don’t think JasonD should shoulder too much of the blame for Gold Passport turning off award availability at the hotel.

  22. Thanks Gary. Not particularly optimistic of the future of this unexpected sale rate opportunity but appreciate the chance to participate. Might be a nice – if unintended- way for Hyatt to keep occupancy high during renovations.

    Friendly advice to JasonD and all the others who are tempted to blindly pick up the phone and call that hotel or airline or old significant other to start blabbing about things that they don’t want to believe could be true: THINK BEFORE YOU DIAL.

  23. @Tom and @AR, I booked the Santiago deal as well. It took them about 10 days, I think, to contact me to advise that they would not honor the deal. They did, however, give me the regular room and gave back all of the points, so I have the reservations for a regular room for just the cash part of the cash and points rate.

  24. Booked 6 nights in September 2017. My email says:

    Rate Information: GOLD PASSPORT CLUB UPGRADE CERTIFICATE – Valid on Regency/Grand Club only Rate is eligible to earn points and tier credit.

    I don’t think it’s a room reservation but the right to upgrade a standard room booked at “Hyatt Daily rate” (not “Advanced Purchase”!) to a club room. All blogs seems to explain that rate only as an upgrade from an existing reservation.

    Will wait for other people’s DPs! Please post your experience 🙂


  25. Ohhhh, sorry folks! I re-read this blog ( once again and it says that cash portion of this particular rate ($20) is the one that’s called “Hyatt Daily rate”! Somehow assumed you have to have a separate booking for that rate but now I see that it’s probably complete reservation.

    Also, my full email says this:

    Room(s) Booked: CLUB KING

    Room Description: King bed:elegant room Club lounge:buffet breakfast:fitness center:

    Nightly Rate per Room:
    September 12 – September 14 18.00 EURO

    Rate Information: GOLD PASSPORT CLUB UPGRADE CERTIFICATE – Valid on Regency/Grand Club only Rate is eligible to earn points and tier credit.


    Additional Tax, Fees & Service Charges
    CITY TAX: 2.48

  26. @Farnorthtrader, thanks for the info. @Andrew That is the language in my email as well, but when I pull up the reservation on the Hyatt site it looks like a regular room reservation and doesn’t say anything about an upgrade. This is actually the first time I’ve ever reserved a room with Hyatt points (I’m a Starwood loyalist) so not sure what is “normal.” I will wait and see if Hyatt contacts me about the deal, but if they don’t is there any way to make sure I have an actual room and not just an upgrade?

  27. If you looked at the other Hyatt Regency in Patis (at CDG), their same price was all in. It was total case plus the total points, not the incremental difference, which is what this appears to be.

  28. Not only did they honor the Ambassador suite deal, they also upgraded me to the Presidential suite.

  29. I got in on the deal as well. Hyatt wouldn’t dare cancel my reservations! I have status with them. I would take them to small claims court if they even attempted to cancel my reservation.



    hahaha! Sorry, I had to get a rise out of some of you. I wanted to pull the #DoYouKnowWhoIAm card 🙂

  30. Thanks for posting this Gary. Was able to book 5 nights for next May. Now we wait and see…

  31. I think its dead. anyone else still finding cash and points nights in sept, october or november?

  32. let’s not forget credit to the person who emailed Gary on this tip….booked a one night stay in fingers’ crossed but not the end of the world if it is not honoured…that’s the way it goes with mistake rates…

  33. Just completed a stay here, using this deal!

    Was able to book 1 night (Aug 31), at this great rate of 3,000 points + $20. Checked in yesterday, and checked out this morning, no issues at all. Club access was great, breakfast in club included, or better yet – with club access you can get breakfast in the restaurant on the ground floor, which is what we did and it is much bigger spread. From hotel it is about a 10 minute walk to Arc de Triumph, and tons of restaurants. We flew in through CDG (50 euro flat rate to hotel – about 50 mins with traffic as we arrived from IAD at 7:00am and it was rush hr), and out through ORY (35 euro flat rate – about 25 mins). Cab to Eiffel tower is $11 euro (metered), and about 10 minutes. There is ongoing renovation at the hotel, but we did not notice anything at all, except for a 5 minute test of the fire alarm at 11am the morning we arrived. Hotel is a little worn, so renovations are a good thing. Staff very friendly. I would recommend this hotel, and if you got in on this deal for 3k pts + $20 per night, you got an incredible deal!!! -room tip: ask for room facing the Eiffel tower. The club is on floor 30, so club rooms are on floors 30 and higher, but only one side of the hotel faces the Eifflel tower, so be sure to request that view. We had the view, and it was fantastic, especially at night when the tower is lit up!

  34. Thanks for the update & tips, Shawn! We booked over Christmas and are very excited that they are honoring this incredible deal!

  35. Have an email this morning confirming that Hyatt will honor the reservation for a stay at Christmas time .

  36. Got the same email confirming they’ll honor the rate for early October.

    Wonder if they’ll be honoring the reservations for next year, after the renovations are completed.

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