American 100,000 Mile Signup Bonus May Not Be Gone, Here’s What to Do

Earlier today I wrote that the 100,000 mile signup offer for the Citi American Airlines Executive Card was no longer available after a nearly 5 month run.

Dan’s Deals says this application still gives you the 100,000 mile signup bonus after $10,000 spend within 3 months, and a $200 statement credit after your first $200 in spend for this $450 annual fee that comes with American lounge access.

That application page does not list the offer, so I cannot provide any assurances. And I have no insight about how long this application page will be function either. “Your mileage may vary” as they say.

Here are the other great credit card bonuses expected to end soon.

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  1. Officially it is gone, and there is no landing page. But historically with citibank, you could still get credit cards with an old offer as long as the link to the application page still worked. The link to the application page still seems to work, but there is no guarantee it will work this time though.

  2. Just applied through the flyertalk wiki link, called in and confirmed by rep that i was approved for 100k bonus. This is my 3rd card

  3. @Alex Did you apply last night before the landing page was gone or after in the morning?

  4. Gary,

    The offer still works. I just applied online and then verified with the operator on the phone that I get 100K miles after 10K in spending within 3 months. I’ve been waiting to apply since my lounge membership was still good through next month but this post prompted me into quick action. Thanks!


  5. @JW applied at 11:35am today and called immediately. Lots of datapoints on flyertalk of people doing the same

  6. Gary to be fair, this offer has been around for 6 months, I currently love Citi, I was able to get 4 of these out of Citi…

  7. I can confirm what Alex said. Just did it through the link on the Wiki page. Called and confirmed 100k bonus! Last day to finally get my first one! Thanks, Gary!

  8. Applied – Called In – APPROVED!

    When I asked if I still qualified for the 100k bonus she said yes, as long as I met the requirements. I mentioned that I just saw the ad and was hoping to get in on that deal. She replied that the deal has not ended, that she now understands why they are getting alot of calls in the past few days.

  9. Sounds like standard Citi behavior to me. They pull the landing page and offer details but leave the deep link and honor those who use it. It is almost like they know and respect the fact that there is a small population who will dig for these old offers and take them on faith. Credit card churning is a gentleman’s game.

  10. Reconsideration line hold times are quite long and whatever system finalizes the approvals is taking about 15 minutes to do what was a two minute task for my first two cards.

  11. I just used the link from the article above and was approved (6:00 PM Pacific) today (6/25). I also called in and they verified that the offer was good.

  12. Does this 100k offer still working as of today (6/26), please advise as I am thinking of applying. Thanks.

  13. David,

    If you are that unsure of what to do after reading all of the comments above then maybe this hobby isn’t for you.

  14. Glenn, on the comments above people were confirming the link is still working and they got the bonus on yesterday, which is 6/25….today is 6/26 ….I was wondering if anyone has tried it today and still got the bonus.

  15. Matthew, thanks for the data point. How do you plan to meet the minimum spending of $10k? since it became harder because we can no longer buy the $500 Vanilla gift cards and load it into BB anymore.

  16. I applied on July 2 2014 through the link, was worried as it didn’t show me anything about an offer on the application page. Was instantly approved. Called in and confirmed that I received the 100K miles and $200 statement credit. Woohoo!

  17. I’m going to give this a shot. What number are people calling, is it the Citi number or the AA number

  18. just applied with the dan’s deals link

    confirmed with rep – approved for 100k miles and $200 statement credit.

  19. Just followed the link, July 9th, approved on the spot. It works, 100k miles and $200 rebate.

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