American Airlines 50,000 Mile Credit Card Bonus and $150 Statement Credit

Over the summer I took advantage of the Citibank offers of 75,000 miles for new American Airlines credit cards, though I was a frequent churner of these cards in the past I hadn’t applied for one in about a year and a half and I had no problem getting the bonus.

Fortunate for me, it’s put me right on the cusp of 3 million mile status with American, right before American changes the criteria for awarding lifetime status thresholds. I’m already lifetime Platinum (2 million) and the next incremental million only earns me additional confirmed international upgrade instruments. But I’d like to reach that plateau before only flown miles count towards status. As it stands now, I expect to make my 3 million miles lifetime on the Oneworld Mega DO charter.

I’ve considered dropping some Starwood points into my American account now, though, to cross the threshold early – get those international upgrades – so that I can mileage run in style towards the American Airlines Executive Platinum challenge for Oneworld Mega DO participants that will only require me to fly 20,000 miles by January 13.

Sadly, that 75,000 mile signup offer seems to be gone, but but Million Mile Secrets brings us the new best current offer for a Citibank American Airlines credit card: 50,000 miles after spending $3000 within four months, no fee the first year, $150 statement credit after making any purchase from American Airlines, and two lounge passes.

As Million Mile Secrets observes, you can earn the $150 statement credit for a $150 American Airlines gift card (making it free) or with a cocktail onboard a flight.

Sadly, getting this card now won’t help with lifetime elite status. American was the only airline offering lifetime status based on total miles earned in an account from any source, but that goes away December 1. At this point it’s unlikely you’d get this card and a statement closing date prior to then. But it’s a still-worthwhile offer.

There are actually three different cards presented with this offer, a Visa, American Express (issued by Citi not by American Express), and a small business Visa.

If you want more than one card, the current best advice is still to use two different browsers to apply for two personal cards at the same time — use one browser (e.g. Google Chrome or Firefox) for the Visa and another browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) for the American Express. And then consider applying for the small business card 63 days or more later.

I’ve added this to the current list of Best Current Mileage Deals and Offers.

(Disclosure: this offer does not pay any signup commission to me.)

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  1. It would be good not note the “First Time” (or non-card members for ?18? months) card members clause on AA card posts. That would save all the existing card holders some time.

  2. Yes I’m sure you did.

    I’m just asking that if an offer continue to have the same rules it be mentioned again… Otherwise existing card holders (most of us) will need to click over to read the rules to see if anything changes. Thanks

  3. So does that mean if I have had this card within the past 18 months – then I should not really apply for it now?

    I know I have had it in the last 12 months, for sure! Any reply would be useful 🙂


  4. I got the AA personal visa and 75,000 miles about 6 months ago. Now I want to jump on this offer for the business card. Any reason why they wouldn’t award me the points? The T&C say first time cardmembers only, but from what I’ve read Citi treats personal and business as separate? I assume I can’t get the personal amex… thanks!

  5. I just got both AA cards with 30K bonuses last week. How should I approach Citi to get the difference? (20K + $150 credit)… Thanks!

  6. I am very interested in the ONEWORLD Mega DO challenge. How does this work? Is there anyone that can help me join last minute? I would be so grateful! Thanks

  7. I got an AA Citi VISA last Feb. I didn’t follow the recommended protocol so didn’t score both the personal VISA and the AMEX AA card at that time, I was declined for the AMEX. Can I expect to be approved for an AMEX AA card now or does the fact that I have a VISA version disqualify me? Thanks

  8. How does one buy a $150 America Airlines gift card? I have the card and the representative on phone said it must be an American Airlines purchase “like a ticket.” But I surely like the idea of a gift card that I can use down the road. How do you suggest one buys the gift card?

  9. Gary, the AA link no longer goes to a card app, only to the regular Citi website. If the deal is dead you probably want to take it off your Best Deals page.

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