American Airlines 777 Cracks Windshield, Diverts Twice, Gets Everyone Pizza

American Airlines flight AA207 from Milan to Miami was operating at 37,000 feet over the Atlantic a couple hundred miles east of Gander when flight crew reported that the plane’s windshield had cracked. Instead of sending a plane to take everyone to Miami, American Airlines brought them to New York for pizza.

The aircraft descended to 20,000 feet and diverted to Stephenville in Newfoundland, Canada just over two hours later. The Boeing 777-200, first delivered in 1999, had 307 people onboard.

The occurrence aircraft — registration N771AN — has B/E Aerospace Super Diamond business class seats, no premium economy, and sits 10-across in coach.

American flew an aircraft up from New York to pick up the passengers. However the new aircraft only took passengers to New York and not to Miami.

One commenter at who reports being a passenger on flight AA207 reports that “Flight crew was awesome and professional and kept everyone well informed.” When the flight “diverted now a second time to JFK” they suggested to American making it up to everyone with tickets to Hamilton. Hah! They’re in New York after all, though not long enough to see the show.

There is the American Airlines Theatre in New York but it’s showing Time and the Conways this month.

American did give everyone “a slice of pizza” however. Hopefully it wasn’t from the Abitinos in the food court at terminal 8.

As I write this the plane’s passengers are finally enroute to Miami.

American flew a Boeing 777-300ER up to pick up passengers and bring them to New York. It appears that American took aircraft N723AN off of its intended New York JFK – Sao Paolo flight, picked up passengers, and brought the plan back to New York to operate to Brazil a couple of hours late.

Passengers were then put on a Boeing 757 the next morning from New York to Miami. Presumably some had been rebooked onto other flights — the Boeing 757 has only 184 seats.

American Airlines at New York JFK

American tells me they didn’t bring passengers all the way to Miami because of crew time and customs availability in Miami.

Far better to bring everyone to New York than put them up in in Newfoundland in any case, giving everyone better options for lodging and alternative onward travel.

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  1. Sounds like AA. The passengers are diverted and delayed a day and AA gives them a slice of pizza to make up for their inconvenience. Very generous of them.

  2. Speaking of AA, theater, and Newfoundland, I’m pretty sure AA is an investor in the musical Come From Away on broadway which depicts the story of the 7000 passengers diverted to Gander on 9/11. AA might’ve been able to swing a few house seats…

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