American Airlines Baggage Handlers In Dallas Just Shove Luggage Onto The Tarmac

There’s an old saying that there’s only two kinds of luggage, carry on and lost. The truth is it’s much more complicated than that, as video of American Airlines baggage handlers at Dallas – Fort Worth shoving bags onto the tarmac shows.

Many things can happen to your bags once you give up control at the check-in counter. A baggage handler might steal a birthday present out of your luggage.

At British Airways a memo had to go out asking staff not to urinate in the cargo holds of their planes.

If your bag makes it to its destination there may not be anyone to meet it as it comes down the chute. Or it might reach baggage claim only to find a geyser of water spraying up from the floor next to the carousel.

Alaska Airlines offers a 20 minute bag guarantee, and so does Delta, but you only get miles if your bag is late, not if it’s destroyed. And what if a baggage handler hides cocaine in passenger luggage?

In fact, in a nutshell, here’s everything that’s wrong with air travel in a nutshell: watch this United Airlines Mercedes standing by to pick up one passenger, while another passenger’s bags just fall off the conveyor belt with no one there to pick it up:

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  1. I’m willing to bet at any airline or any company for that matter you will find people who hate their jobs and take it out on the customers and the company.. as bad as all companies are none of them train this type of behavior or condone it…what a shame an individual chose this way to show thier true nature..

  2. As a long time airline employee,Continental first and now with American, I have never seen this type of behavior from the guys and girls i have worked with,(sorry but that is the truth) not to say that it doesn’t exist which it does but as far as I am concerned I have always treated customer luggage with ease and never like what was seen at DFW!!! And we definitely don’t rifle through luggage, that is just appalling, that doesn’t at the station I work in!!!

  3. I’m telling anyone AA it worse airline out there there Bottom line. Money customer service second

  4. I’m retired Law Enforcement at a very high level, now working for American Airlines. It makes me sick to see people’s property treated like this.

    Sadly, when Police beat and brutalize UNDESERVING citizens on camera, we say its a few bad apples. When we see videos of teachers, beating, cursing at or having sexual interactions with kids, we say it’s a few bad apples. When baggage handlers WHO SHOULDN’T be on the job, and don’t truly represent AA are caught on camera, we blame the whole industry. No excuses for these criminal or destructive handlers, but think of how many baggage handlers it takes to move THE WORLD around 24/7/365. Give a Lil grace to those who you see from your windows in torrential rain, minus degrees Temps or 100+° weather. Travel well.

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