American Airlines Boeing 767 Seats On Sale For Just $20

Would you believe that you can buy seats off of an American Airlines Boeing 767 for just $20? That’s the price they’re selling at currently on Facebook’s marketplace.

767 Aircraft Seats – moving stuff out of a warehouse. Pick whatever you want. I have lots of seats available, it’s $20 per assy, so if it has two seats – $20, three seats – $20, 1 first class console – $20.

Credit: Facebook Marketplace

Credit: Facebook Marketplace

Sadly it appears you’ll have to pick these up in person, which isn’t convenient unless you’re already in the Phoenix area. But if you’re one of the many airlines starting up in the pandemic era, this could be a great way to jumpstart a new carrier.

The interiors were no longer needed, with American retiring its 767s this past year as it simplified its fleet. However the planes these seats are out of may now be flying your packages for Amazon.

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  1. They’re also auctioning off all the 3″ legroom segments they removed during Project Oasis. But unfortunately you are not permitted to carry them onto future flights.

  2. Are some of those 777 seats? The coach pic you have shows a remote and I thought the 767s were all overhead monitors. I don’t think they are A330 seats as I think that was touchscreen only in Y IIRC.

  3. BE CAREFUL…I ordered some Delta 747 ‘items’ rec’d packet of “medical Emergency
    FORMS !!! Seller would not cooperate ! Use PPAL only, to resolve…

  4. With AA retiring 757 and 767 aircraft, they are giving up an asset that cannot be easily replaced. 757 has a range and payload that no current aircraft can match. The 757 was the replacement for the 727, but the 737 Max was meant as a replacement for the 757, and we all know how that worked out. I am guessing that the 767s and 757s were mostly paid for, so now they are replacing these aircraft with 787s….yeah, not wise. But hey, FedEx and Amazon are happy to get these aircraft on the cheap.

  5. Why would anyone purchase used airline seats? Do they not realize the FPC’s were maxed out years ago?

  6. Isa American also gonna sell the old seats that they ripped off the 737s and A321s from Project Oasis?

  7. Good Morning

    Please advise if you have B767 seats as we are requesting seats

    180 Economy seats in AR condition.

    36 business class seats in AR condition.

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