American Airlines Building Out Expansion Of LAX Terminal 4 Admirals Club

Combing through the renovation plan for American Airlines terminal 4 at LAX I’ve learned that there’s a plan to grow the footprint of the Admirals Club.

The airport plans for the level the club is on – which also includes offices – to go from 98,230 square feet to 188,230 square feet.

This growth isn’t all for club expansion, but does include expansion of the Admirals Club.

The Proposed Project would construct an expansion of the building shell southward to provie additional air carrier and Airport office space and enlarge the existing Admirals Club.

With the LAX Admirals Club space and Flagship lounge space ‘flipping’ – the Flagship lounge taking the larger club space when it opened – the Admirals Club gets really packed. This additional space, once built, should help alleviate that.

lax terminal 4 admirals club
LAX Terminal 4 Admirals Club

The new proposed growth can’t come soon enough.

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  1. My wife and myself booked AA to Barbados, the experience WAS THE WORST!!! We boarded the aircraft; the flight attendants Never acknowledged us, probably because they were on their cells. The seats we had didn’t recline, and the area was dirty. The food offered was terrable; the flight attendants, when not on cell, happened to venture through the “First Class” cabin, rare as it was, to do nothing!! NEVER AA AGAIN!!!

  2. The reports says that the 1st phase of construction is planned to start in Q3 2021 and for the project to be complete by Q4 2026. It doesn’t look like the new lounge space would be open until the whole project is finished in Q4 2026, but from the looks of the project floor plans, part of it might be ready with the completion of phase 3 in Q2 2025.

  3. @Vincent Davis enjoy your next flight to Barbados on Southwest. You had NR seats because you either sat in front of the emergency row or in he last row. If you want great food on a plane then you standards are way too HIGH this is not a Michelin Star Dinner. Everyone KNOWS that at 35,000 feet your taste buds change so GET OVER IT. If the FA were on their Cell phone the entire time then YOU should have said something to the Head FA , if you did not then you did not think it was important In my business we would call you the high maintenance client a/k/a the never satisfied .

  4. @Vincent Davis – spot on – I fly AA ‘first’ (What a joke!) lax-mia-lax monthly – horrible seats, horrible service, awful food – only fly them because they are the only non stop – based on my experience I worry about the maintenance of their aircraft.

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