American Airlines Catering Was Once Good – And Could Be Again

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  1. Gary, I agree. American Airlines’ food was once good and, it could be again. Today, it would be a significant improvement if American Airlines went to McDonald’s and purchased random fast food items off the McDonald’s dollar menu for their first-class customers. But, current President and incoming CEO Robert Isom told employees this month not to spend a dollar they do not need to.

    It is distressing to me to learn that American Airlines employees are told not to spend a dollar they do not need to. The outcome of their stingy spending implies that even the McDonald’s dollar menu is now too upmarket for American Airlines’ first-class clients. Bon Appétit.

  2. Flew yesterday in Flagship Business from ZRH – PHL. The meal was just plain inedible. For what they charge it does not seem to be asking of much for them to cater at the level of European carriers.

  3. It was good in 2000 some 22 years ago
    But so was their FF program then
    You could even use their lavatory without getting a concussion
    Happier days for sure

  4. But, they DO need to spend on premium cabin passenger experience or they will lose those passengers. Flip what he is saying.

  5. I’m an EP with American and I’ve been “invited” to roundtable meetings regarding American Airlines food offerings. Let me tell you right now, what AA once had will NEVER be coming back. It’s never coming back! I’ve brought that to their attention at least a dozen times, but this is now become a “budget” issue and controlling costs. I was told that more than 75% of domestic first seats are mostly upgrades (certificates or miles). They will be “tweeting” their offering more often going forward, but 5 course first class domestic service IS NOT coming back. The ONLY significant improvement you will see (better quality of food and upgraded food) will be ONLY on the 321-T and their 777-300 (Flag Ship Service- International). I will continue to fly AA because of their schedule and Admirals clubs, upgrades and priorities and their improvement in on-time departures and baggage handling and their premium liquors. If I’m really hungry I purchase something in the terminal for the flight. The days of elaborate first class service are over. As a matter of fact, I recently flew Delta from JFK to LAX in Delta One (business) and was not impressed at all and same on the return flight to NYC and both flights were delayed (go figure). If you really want first class cough up 25k and fly from NYC to LAX via Doha on Emirates or some middle easter airline.

  6. AA Premium Cabin offerings have gone downhill since they paired up with those two so called Celebrity Chefs, Maneet C and Mark Sargent who have since been dropped. Neither Chef offered a Menu worth looking at, let alone tasting. USAirways had decent food when Stephen Wolf was running the AIrline but since Doug Parker came on the scene it has been marginal at best. The entire food service needs to be revamped from new linens,china and glassware because BLAND is the only thing that comes to mind.

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