American Airlines CEO Declares: ‘AAdvantage Unmatched in Mile Value Across the Industry’ [Roundup]

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  1. When he says that AA “miles are worth more than anyone else’s”, it means he thinks there is room to devaluate them and still not losing its competitive advantage in that regard.

  2. The trains run every 90 to 120 seconds in Denver. I worked on opening day, 30 years ago, and there have always been times where you had to wait for a train. Summer and Christmas are the worst.

    If you’ve cut it so close that waiting 90 seconds for the next train will ruin your trip, may I suggest you get to the airport five minutes earlier.

  3. “Full-size carry-on cases” ought Never to have been accommodated in aircraft cabins . The entire “storage bin” fiasco is foolish . Of course the people will take them during an evacuation , duh .

  4. >>> American Airlines CEO Robert Isom understands the value in AAdvantage… “our miles are worth more than anyone else’s in terms of being able to be redeemed.” <<<

    Is there something in the water at AA's headquarters that makes people say this $#|+??? While I can't complain as loudly about the redemption value as I can about the service in J (to be fair, my most recent redemption was 8.0¢/point, but that's the highest return I've ever received from Advantage miles — typically it's substantially less), I've consistently gotten higher values from redeeming miles with Alaska (most recently, 8.5¢), Iberia (last redemption, 15.1¢/Avio).

  5. Isom is a cowardly corporate hack who’s probably 12 to 18 months away from losing his job.

    Hiring consultants to cover your own butt is what cowardly corporate hacks do.

  6. Good they understand how much is riding on maintaining and growing the value per mile of that currency for flights.

    Staying out of the transferable points game has helped keep it a more sound currency.

  7. What idiot designs a modern airport where you must take a train between terminals? I don’t think I have ever used the train at ATL.

  8. I have seen the lines for the trains and moon buggies at IAD sometimes build so that people need to wait one or two cycles, and those do not cycle as quickly as the DEN train. It usually dies down within 15 minutes. When the C/D concourse replacement and future E/F concourse are complete, the tunnel that currently only connects with terminal with the A/B concourse is supposed to be extended so hopefully people will have an alternative to the trains at IAD. With banked flights, sometimes a few wide bodies deplaning at one time overwhelm the system briefly. I have also waited for the second train/monorail to arrive at EWR, TPA, MCO.

  9. From trips I’ve searched using award miles, the 8 cents a mile for international premium cabin travel is history. I’d probably be more enthusiastic if I could redeem at even 3-4 cents a mile. And for exactly that reason my AA credit card only comes out for travel on AA. No more fooling myself that there is good value with AA, or any airline, miles. Just like riding on AA, one needs to manage their expectations.

  10. @Linda… IF they are freaking running! The last two times through DEN it took 45 minutes to get from security to the concourse due to the train running intermittently.

  11. @Linda – “The trains run every 90 to 120 seconds in Denver. I worked on opening day, 30 years ago, and there have always been times where you had to wait for a train. Summer and Christmas are the worst.”

    As a New Yorker I can’t tell why this is noteworthy/bad either, hahah. The 4-5-6 Lexington Avenue Line is standing-room-only during rush hour and the trains run as frequently as they possibly can under safety regulations. Is that supposed to be an argument against public transit? It sounds like people are using the system…

  12. Open question.
    I’m flying LAX to jfk in Coach to connect
    JFK to London in First Class
    Same day.
    Am I able to use First Class checkin and Flaship lounge in LAX?

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