American Airlines CEO Wants Higher Taxes [Roundup]

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  1. Still can’t believe this guy is running a major airline.

    1) Smiling when she mentions he makes $10mm. Seriously, he has chief executive experience going on what 20+ years and he can’t refrain from making facial reactions?

    2) Unnecessary to the conversation to say you are the lowest paid CEO. You only did it as a gamble to get paid via mainly company stock as you GAMBLED and you LOST. Don’t need to comment on how dumb it was to bet that analyst AA should be at $50 years back.

    3) “Happily pay fair share”. Dumb comment. Why don’t you pay more now? While I don’t agree with higher taxes NOW, a competent person would say they will pay what they are legally obligated to pay and defer to whatever happens. Spouting “fair share” aligns you with the party in power when CEOs should be neutral.

  2. There should be a $1 per mile tax on all upgrades and paid seats except in economy. People should pay their fair share.

  3. If Parker wants to pay more in taxes, he is free to do so – one’s final tax bill is a minimum, and there is no law against throwing in a bit extra.

    Also, he could instruct his accountants/tax advisors to refuse any and all deductions, write offs, etc which would increase his share of taxes.

    I personally am so sick of rich a$$holes like Parker doing this humble brag, “Poor me, I’m so rich but I hardly pay any taxes” routine. Rest assured, Parker’s compensation deal is likely carefully structured to minimize taxation, and whatever additional taxes Washington enacts, there will be a well-paid team of number-crunchers doing their best to minimize his burden.

  4. If only all rich people wanted to pay their fair share! Silicon savages are all up in arms because the Democrats new bill wants their capital gains tax on founders stock to go from ZERO to 20%.
    ZERO!!?? How the heck did it start at zero? Just shows how the rich and corporations run our gubmint. And the big fallacy is that these “job creators” (yea, created in China) need these giveaways to succeed.
    Baloney! Even in times of high taxes in the mid 20th Century “creators” were still hard at work trying to build their rmpires. I weep for my beloved country, which will be crippled by this greed…..

  5. Another woke asshole. Hey dumb ass, feel free to send the feds any extra you’d like. Leave us out of it. “Fair share”?? Please STFU. Loser.

  6. Don’t complain about me driving 50mph thru your neighborhood . If you want to follow the speed limit free feel. Don’t mandate it on others.

  7. Why anyone should be surprised about this coming from the limousine liberal who cares more for BLM than his customers is beyond me. But it sure does explain why socialist Douggie tries to ruin his First and Business class as actively as he does — that’s the socialist way: Dumb everyone down to the same bottom level. I know, I was skuled in that by the British Labour Party in the 70s.
    What I don’t do is make the mistake of thinking Douggie is stupid — he isn’t. He talked the US government into picking up the AA pilots’ pensions so he could merge US Scareways with the bankrupt AA. And, he got the Board to elect him Chairman as well as CEO — a huge mistake that allows him to continue to drive AA into the dirt with impunity from Board scrutiny. Somewhere, Akbar Al Baker is laughing. I really wish Quatar had been able to acquire AA, not just part of it. The service would be at least 20x better and we wouldn’t have to put up with this crap.

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