American Airlines is Changing How Their Safety Video Ends

American Airlines introduced a new safety video about a year and a half ago. Stylistically they sort of ripped off the Air France safety video.

Over time the American Airlines video will take on less importance on domestic flights. That’s because the new standard domestic configuration does not include seat back video or drop down screens in the cabin either.

However in the meantime the airline has made a minor tweak to the way the video plays on overhead screens, and in March the change will roll out to those aircraft with seat back monitors: quieting down the cheering at the end of the video, in expectation of irregular operations.

It’s awkward to appear celebratory during flight delays (although frankly the video plays when the plane is finally underway, and passengers are cheering usually).

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  1. My favorite part of the video is when they tell you to put the tray tables up and the lady sitting in the seat in the video leans “way” forward and can barely reach the tray table to put it up. Watching this while jammed in the back of a 737 max makes it even more ironic.

  2. How will this matter after AA removes all of the screens on the seats?
    On the subject of screens, given the technology, why does the pilots update have to interrupt the movie you are watching? How about notifying active viewers that a message from the pilot is available to view, instead of stopping everyones show to tell us the weather or landing time, which is not real news unless it is different than we expect.

  3. Just don’t change the girl. She’s awesome and I keep watching the video despite seeing over 56 times. Now queue the sexist commenters attacking me for saying someone is attractive in 3-2-1…

  4. So weird. It IS a thing in the video that’s always been off-putting. So American is sensitive enough to pick up on this, but not all the other cluster-f’s in their increasingly ghastly operation?

  5. I want the video to end with Parker introducing coming changes in the product to make your experience less comfortable.

    They need to hire some of those guys with white gloves who push people onto the subways in Tokyo.

  6. This one might have come from flight attendants complaining. I’ve been on a few flights recently where the FA will cut the video as the cheering starts.

    It is just about the worst noise ever on a 5am take off.

  7. I have more problem with the actress’s annoying “fingernails on chalkboard” voice and the beeping sounds in between scenes. Instead of choosing someone the director or PR Dept wanted to bang, they should have chosen a bilingual, softer voice to speed it up and represent more diversity.

  8. The safety video stinks, they need to ditch the entire thing.

    How about a retro video, maybe Alf doing the safety briefing.

  9. I’d like to be able to opt out of all PA announcements and videos. All I need to hear from the captain is whether we are going to be on time or not. No one gives a good damn what altitude we’ll be flying at, current weather conditions. I’m not sure what I hate more, hearing the pilot tell me to let them know if there’s anything they can do to make the flight more comfortable, or the FA’s interupting my movie to sell me the stupid credit card-or that they have movies.

  10. What peeves me about the video is how much space and comfort all of the passengers have between the row in front of them and the seat beside them. It’s like AA is giving everyone the finger.

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