(Some) American Airlines ConciergeKey Members Can Now Gift Executive Platinum Status

American Airlines ConciergeKey is the ‘super secret’ level that George Clooney had in Up in the Air, in some sense equivalent to United Global Services and Delta 360.

ConciergeKey began mostly for corporate travel buyers and folks in their old VIP program back in 2007, and gradually expanded to individual high revenue customers.

  • Benefits have primarily centered around assistance during irregular operations. ConciergeKey provides airport escorts and pre-boarding sometimes as well as a dedicated customer service line. And since 2012 they get access to Flagship First check-in.

  • ConciergeKey supposedly gets proactive monitoring of flights for rebooking assistance.

  • It also has come with Executive Platinum status (since 2012), an Admirals Club membership and members can use miles to upgrade without paying the cash co-pay required of other members.

Flagship Check-in, LAX

You cannot qualify for ConciergeKey with a specific amount of flying or a published amount of spending, however over $50,000 in a year may be enough (or buying a $50,000 ‘AAirpass’). ConciergeKey is also given out to decision-makers of big corporate contracts. Before the US Airways merger there were between 10,000 and 15,000 ConciergeKey members.

One nice benefit is that on tight connections they may be met on the jetway of their arriving flight and driven on the tarmac to their onward gate in a Cadillac (United uses Mercedes and Delta Porsche).

This year ConciergeKey became the de facto top tier in the AAdvantage program (in fact it is loaded as a status level in Sabre) because ConciergeKey members will receive top status on waitlists for flights and upgrades. ConciergeKey are ahead of Executive Platinums, and their domestic upgrades start to clear 120 hours in advance of travel versus the current 100 hour Executive Platinum upgrade window.

There’s also a a next flight guarantee for ConciergeKey members as well.

And ConciergeKey members have access to American’s Flagship Lounges (so far open at New York JFK, Chicago O’Hare and Miami, and opening at LAX later this month) but not Flagship First Dining.

Flagship Lounge Miami

Now there’s a new benefit for 2018. ConciergeKey members are just now receiving their welcomes for 2018 and they’re being told they can gift Executive Platinum status to one person. This makes sense, you don’t want your most lucrative customers to have their spouses, for instance, poorly treated when flying the airline alone.

I’ve seen this report from several other ConciergeKey members this afternoon as well — however I have also seen reports of emails received that do not mention this benefit.

Executive Platinum was top tier in the AAdvantage program before the revenue-based ConciergeKey became de facto top tier with higher upgrade priority and earlier clearing. It comes with unlimited complimentary domestic and short haul international upgrades, no fees on award changes and redeposits, a 120% bonus on mileage earning from flights, and other benefits.

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  1. Back in January when they first explicitly started calling CK for pre-boarding, I overheard a bewildered Executive Platinum ask what that was. I think the GA actually told him it was the “George Clooney status”. My comment, true then as now, was, “no matter what status you have, there’s always someone higher”.

    You’re Concierge Key? That’s nice, but are you an “Exec Plat gifting Concierge Key”?

  2. Not me. 6 year CK member. Called the CK desk and it is indeed targeted although they didn’t know the criteria.

  3. Umm. On my flight from LAX-ORD last weekend – as an EXP, I was # 11 out of 31 on the upgrade list. So lot’s of EXP’s on the flight. Only one upgrade seat cleared. So this is likely going drop me more on the upgrade list.

    Maybe I will be going back to UA.

  4. If anyone wants to pass along this extravagant gift please add my name to your christmas list!

    In 2008 my wife and I were married and took our honeymoon to Hawaii. We were waiting to board (PHL-ORD) when mechanics showed up outside the plane window and started disassembling the engine. AA didn’t announce anything but I ran around PHL like an idiot trying to salvage the trip.

    Some very very kind gate attendant at the other end of the terminal (PHL-LAX) heard my story and when I asked if he could get us to Hawaii his only response was to ‘Get your wife.’ I ran to get her, and when we got back he slapped two first class passes in our hands and ushered us on the plane. We got to Hawaii ahead of schedule and although our bags and clothes didn’t arrive until the next day he may have saved my marriage.

    Our ten year anniversary is 2018. That was our first time sitting in front. I’ve managed to get up there twice since but any help is appreciated. =-) We don’t fly often enough to get status on our own.

  5. Seems it’s provided only to selected CK members. I called the help desk and tried to gift but was told I didn’t have that privilege.

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