American Airlines Ends Mask Enforcement On Planes

Delta, United, and Alaska Airlines are already publicly on record saying that since the federal government will cease enforcement of the transportation mask mandate, following a U.S. District Court ruling that the requirement was beyond the statutory authority of the CDC, that they would also stop enforcing a mask requirement.

American Airlines has now told employees that masks are no longer required on board their aircraft either. Expect this all to take a couple of days to trickle through guidance relied upon by some employees across 6000 flights a day. So please give cabin crew a break if they haven’t gotten the memo and are working a flight tonight or tomorrow!

I am waiting to hear from American about whether passengers banned solely over mask compliance will be flying American again, as the airline had suggested when their requirement first went into effect in 2020 (and as Alaska Airlines has already confirmed in their case).

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  1. bUt WhAt AbOuT tHe ScIeNcE??? aNd ThE oNeS wHo ArE iMmUnOcOmPrOmIsEd?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Thank God this crap is finally coming to an end. Now for the absolutely pointless reentry test requirement….

  2. Yes, time to drop the pre-departure testing requirement – please let us out of the cage now!

  3. When Covid started Delta and many other airlines blocked middle seats or even rows for social distancing. As that eased Delta held out longer saying that passengers were paying more to fly Delta because of that.

    Now forward to today, and no airline is saying that they will maintain masking to gain passengers. The airlines know what the majority of passengers want, which is no mandated masks. But I soon expect masks to be available for,purchase just in case the nearby passenger is coughing up a storm and you suddenly want one.

  4. I flew maskless today on my AA flight! Me and one FA were the only ones to do so but we were both delighted with the ruling!

  5. To help stimulate business, I wonder if American Airlines will immediately welcome back their banned passengers due to face mask infractions by offering complimentary AAdvantage Executive Platinum or Concierge Key elite status for the next two years.

  6. It’s funny watching all the leftoid snowflakes melting down on twitter. I guess 4/18 will be your new “1/6”.

    Until Nov when the rest of you marxists are thrown out of office.

  7. I’m a “leftoid snowflake” and I’m rejoicing this day, not freaking out. Just got to the airport with no mask and it’s jubilation. Just as Gary pointed out, masks were great in the beginning when we had no other mechanism to slow this damn virus however, they’re not relevant today. I haven’t enjoyed the mandate either but was a small sacrifice in the end. Let’s move on and focus on more important things.

  8. So absolutely enjoyable to hear all the Branch Covidians squealing tonight. No more masks and FJB… viva la revolución!

  9. I’m a flight attendant for Delta and I’m extremely happy! I hate that we’ve gotten a bad rap but yes they went overboard along time ago! Oh how I hated listening to my fellow flight attendants make too many mask announcements. Delta only wants us to make two but that didn’t stop them from making one every five seconds.
    There are good flight attendants however our voices get silenced by these super lib safe space seeking crazies. It’s not the passengers that are crazy it’s the flight attendants. Seriously though I’m speaking the truth. Today mid flight the pilots announced over the pa that immediately we can remove masks. Guess what, I was the only crew member that took it off while the other complained about this racist judge making a racist ruling. I’m just shaking my head like these idiots need to just go home and never come outside again.
    I’m a straight dude but most of these weirdos are gays and females. Now I’m not calling them weirdos because of their sexual preferences but rather because they truly are weirdos.
    So I’m gonna go without a mask and smile in everyone’s face.
    This whole time I never enforced any mask wearing on the plane. If someone had it off or down I would just walk by them and pretend to not notice. I was always waiting or half the plane or more to just take off their mask and rebel but that never happened. There’s only a handful of us sane flight attendants but we’re out there. Oh yea Sara Nelson and her dumb union doesn’t speak for me and many other flight attendants I know despite what the news feeds you. I feel free again and it’s a beautiful thing. Goodnight lovely people, if you fly Delta I just might be your flight attendant and I’m really an awesome one who cares about giving my passengers a great experience not harping on them about masks. I didn’t realize how easy it was to comment here so I may comments more because sometimes I see comments and I think y’all are way off you have no clue what we think in flight and how things really work.

  10. Since you will never hear this from the msm, Thank you Florida for returning at done common sense to the rest of the country.

  11. @TP I’m glad you can finally breathe while at work. Thanks for putting up with all the crap and providing service to us. I really don’t know why it took two years for this to be found unconstitutional.

  12. @TP….I think you’re the one that needs to stay home. Secondly, I don’t believe for one second you’re a flight attendant.

  13. Final scene of the motion picture “The Untouchables” comes mind:

    Reporter: “Word is they’re going to repeal Prohibition. What’ll you do then?”
    Kevin Costner as Eliot Ness: “I think I’ll have a drink.”

    A law is law, a mandate is a mandate, a ruling is a ruling…until it is no more.

    Costner enforced the prohibition law when it was the law, and chose to drink only when the law was repealed. The finest example for a civil society.

    As for me, the end of the mask mandate on public transportation changes nothing. I will continue to use my best judgement: when in cramped spaces such as an airplane economy cabin, I will be the “masked man.” When in, e.g., UA Polaris business cabin with my own “cubicle”, I will allow myself to let my guard down a bit..


  14. Your tears taste delicious @Lcat. After two years of eager little tyrants screeching that their ignorant fear supersedes my freedom and threatening my very livelihood over it, I say ef em. I am going to gleefully point and laugh at every one of these masked-up clowns. #butmuhmask

  15. @TP thank you for your service

    @LCat the mask terrorists have lost. Get over it, and stay home.

  16. hopefully we now see a tidal wave of the end of mask mandates worldwide.

    Hopefully, SARS-CoV-2 & Variants will cooperate and remain dormant…

  17. DCS, a perfect example of one who has swallowed the propaganda in its entirety. Still fascinating there are those that still haven’t figured it out.

  18. @James N – I have no idea what kind of propaganda you are referring to and there really isn’t anything to “figure out”, unless one believes in conspiracy theories and, yes, propaganda.

    My beat is biomedical research and I know a deadly bug when I see one. You, on other hand, seem to think that the whole pandemic thing was a hoax designed to force everyone to mask. Now, tell me who’s swallowed propaganda in its entirety…


  19. @Alan, who are you taking to? I’m celebrating doing a mask burning just like the old bra burning days. You must need another cup of Java this morning. You want me to stay home when I’m doing cheerleading jumps that the masks are done for?

  20. The judge’s ruling was wrong. She was one of the extremely rare judicial nominees to be rated as unqualified by the American Bar Association. Regardless of any ruling to end or extend the requirement to wear a face mask, SARS-CoV-2 continues to sicken, kill and mutate. Without masks that will happen at a faster rate. Don’t count on this being the last of mask mandates.

  21. @DCS… You can take solace in the knowledge that you were, at one time, part of the majority. Fortunately, as time has passed, more people have woken up to the truth and then there are those, such as you, who will cling to the false narrative for years to come. I know a handful of people, along with me, who figured out it was a scam from day one and refused to “go along” with the psyop.

    My guess is that we’ve finally achieved a majority of people who now understand the scam, but there remains a portion of society – maybe 20-25%, your group- who blindly follow the directives of the public health bureaucrats/busybodies and are, unfortunately, doomed to continue reveling in their ignorance.

  22. @TP I hope you’re an FA on my next flight. Thanks for your sanity 🙂

    @LCat Then stay home.

  23. @James N — Frankly, I do not have the time to waste with you, since for you the pandemic has been nothing more than some kind of MAGA politics one-upmanship game, pitting “us” (MAGA) vs. the libs, but the last time I checked, which was just a second a ago, these were the real and grim worldwide statistics:

    Coronavirus Cases: 505,421,641
    Deaths: 6,225,565

    It must quite liberating to be so completely free of the “ravages” intelligence.


  24. @ChrisInNY…why should I stay home? I don’t want to wear a mask on plane so you think I should stay home? I thought most people would be happy about no masks but I guess the majority still want to wear masks. I don’t and will not wear one.

  25. all you have to do to figure out how many people want to wear a mask is to step in airports and be on airplanes today.
    Just as has been the case in every city that has dropped their mask mandate, the majority of people are not wearing masks when given a choice and the number of people that cling to them will shrink.
    Airlines stand to gain far more revenue from those that wouldn’t get on planes as long as masks were required than they will lose from those that will not fly. After all, we are back to pre-covid rules; what did all of those that cling to masks do before covid? Do they really think that covid was the first respiratory infectious disease?

  26. Apologies if I misunderstood your posts @Lcat. Glad you’re on the side of sanity and hope your mask burning is fun. I think toilet paper is another appropriate disposition for them, and frankly, for those who still demand they be worn by others to satisfy their mindless fear.

    Awwww… and poor widdle @Tim j. Did that little tantrum make you feel all better lol?

  27. I’ll keep wearing a mask for the summer if they just get rid of the testing requirement for vaccinated travelers. Testing for vaccinated travelers has always been a bad idea.

  28. It’s over. I cannot wrap my feeble little brain around the fact that people are reluctant to regain their personal freedom. You want to wear a Darth Vader, triple layer mask, go for it! COVID-19 was never a joke, but the Biden administration thought dropping the mask mandate around say, October would be a coup. Instead, it was a total backfire. Notice how quickly they signaled “retreat”. Look for the ridiculous testing requirement to magically disappear in October. Thank you, Benevolent Leader Biden!

  29. It’s over. I cannot wrap my feeble little brain around the fact that people are reluctant to regain their personal freedom.

    Feeble little brain, indeed, for yours is a strange concept of “freedom”. Has it not occurred to you that it is an expression of personal “freedom” to freely choose to continue wearing a mask even when one no longer has to?

    One can, in fact, plausibly argue that it is those that “cannot wrap their feeble little brain around the fact that people” would choose to wear a mask in situations that make social distancing difficult and not wear one otherwise, are those that are truly free because they have a choice, while the feeble-brained ones have none because they are “shackled” to just one immutable position – no mask under any circumstance…

  30. @DCS — I never said you cannot/should not wear a mask. Full stop. It IS your choice to wear a mask. 5 points for “immutable”.

  31. @DCS, I personally think the mask mandate in flight should not have been extended into May because cases have fallen now. That being said, the anti-vax/anti-mask is certainly big into victimhood. I saw some folks carrying signs on Sunday saying ‘Mask/Vaccine victims’. If I had time, I would have pointed out that it’s hard to empathize with the victims of vaccines — the smallpox virus, the polio virus, the rabies virus ..

  32. @Bart — LOL. Then what was it exactly that you could not “wrap your feeble little brain around”?

  33. @DCS… Your last post to me perfectly illustrates my comments. I love when someone validates my point.

  34. James N – Hmmm…Glad you believe that a comment challenging your position is a ‘validation’ of that position.

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