American Airlines Expected To Launch Business Class Seat With Doors in 2023

Back in early 2016 I correctly predicted that American Airlines would order the B/E Aerospace (now Rockwell Collins) Super Diamond business class seat. I was shocked, though, when they made an obvious blunder in failing to order the center seats with a divider between them. That meant no privacy for passengers in middle seats. Female readers told me they found this especially awkward sleeping next to strangers.

American Airlines Super Diamond Business Class Center Seats

The airline’s previous seats, dubbed ‘Concept D’ and manufactured by Zodiac (now Safran), had center dividers which didn’t function properly and had to be locked in either the up or down position. American finally recognized the need to fix this issue in the fall of 2018.

American Airlines Concept D Business Class Seat
American Airlines ‘Concept D’ Business Class Seat on Boeing 787-8s and Some 777-200s

So it’s no surprise that when American told J.T. Genter that the new Boeing 787-8 aircraft that will start coming into the fleet this year will have “an enhanced version of the Collins Super Diamond seat” that means that center seats will come with privacy dividers.

When American likely introduces a new business class seat in 2023 with the delivery of Boeing 787-9 aircraft, those business class seats (which have not yet been finalized) are likely to come with doors.

AMerican’s joint venture partner British Airways, of course, is rolling out their new business class seat and it’s a Super Diamond seat like American uses, customized and with doors added.

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  1. AA continues to frustrate though.

    They legitimately seem to try to innovate (ie concept D) or choose the best from their partners (current Cirrus, future BA Super Diamond), but across all of it they’ll now have, what, 8 configurations of J products? A330 Reverse Herringbone, 767 Vantage, 321T Diamond, 777 Super Diamond with no dividers, Cirrus 77W, Concept D 787, Super Diamond 787 with dividers, and now 787 Super Diamond with Doors. Anything I missed?

    What the actual F?

  2. Jon,

    how many versions do Delta and United each have currently at this hour?

    Awaiting the answers.

    Your point being….

  3. Pretty sure they will manage some way to F it up. I cannot think of the last AA seat rollout that did not get botched in some way.

  4. How about an article, “What will it take for Parker to resign?” Are customers happy with AA? Are staff? Are investors? What is he doing right that the board keeps him on?

  5. @Jon,

    Yep. Also 321T Cirrus (in F, and a different version than the 77W,) as well as 757 Diamond without TV screens!

    A330 Reverse Herringbone is also Cirrus—believe it or not, actually the first version of Cirrus built and flown anywhere in the world.

  6. @ryby
    Delta has Diamond 757, Vantage 767, Cirrus A330, Vantage Suites A350/777.

    United has IPTE (non-refurbed 777), Diamond (757, some 767, 787-8/9, some 777-200), Polaris (787-10, 777-300, refurbished 767 and 777-200).

  7. Don’t see a need to write about what MIGHT happen in 2023. That is three looong years away! Why not just tell AA to look at Singapore, Quantas or whoever you think is doing the best job and report on that?
    Maybe others will notice the best practices and do similar.

  8. I agree with Nun. As an EXP my question now is: stay or leave. 2024 seat introduction for a few long haul planes/year for a few years is not a significant factor. AA management and resulting effect is a significant factor.

  9. I sure hope the seat will fit and be comfy for a handicapped person.
    The placement of plugs and switches in the current seat are not designed with a user in mind.
    I wished designers would do actual mock ups that they would have to sit in for 8-10 hrs, they may
    redesign after an actual trial.

    Secondly I hope they make the so called “premium economy” seat better, flying from FRA to DFW in 2018 was horrible.

  10. You know, The seats on American are very important. However, If the long haul Flight Attendants continue to be as bad as they currently are, then who cares? It’s the overall experience, which is just not there. Fly on one of the top rated Airlines and you will be embarrassed at the level of service given to us Loyal AA people.

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