American Airlines Has No Money, Will Still Take Delivery of New Boeing 737 MAX Planes

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  1. “Mobile lounges” is hilarious. You’d have to pay me to willingly spend time in one!

  2. The AA planes were already paid for as part of the settlement with Boeing. Don’t read too much into and the story is inaccurate. DL also just ordered 10 A350s btw. . .that’s money well spent.

  3. “The Airports Authority hopes the 30 plane-mates and 16 mobile lounges that will be in place within five years will be more modern and more efficient.

    All of that is dependent on price, but electric vehicles would qualify for special Federal Aviation Administration grants that could cover 75% of the estimated $115 million cost. The authority also hopes electric vehicles would be cheaper to operate given no diesel costs and projected lower maintenance costs.

    The alternative to the mobile lounges — extending the underground Aero Train to Concourse D — “was considered too expensive and unattainable in a few years,” board briefing documents said.”

    Seems like a reasonable decision, given the options.

  4. As a DC resident I can tell you that calling them a, “Mobile Lounge” was the greatest marketing schtick ever created. They are far from, “loungy” lol.

    The drivers are hilarious though and could probably tell you some funny stories. Many have been doing it for years. The first time one of them collides with an aircraft though will be the beginning of the end. Of course, right now, they are more likely to collide with tumbleweed.

  5. With regards to the SAS comment, «Hopefully no one who is able to avoid SAS will do business with them in the future.»

    …get a grip.

    I am a card holder with SAS, with a fair amount of points. I have planned award trips that might not go ahead. I have cancelled flights etc… but you know what? That is not the important thing in a global pandemic.

    My local gym has not refunded my membership dues. That is ok. My standup tickets have not been refunded. That is ok. My prepaid services at other companies are going unrefunded. That is ok.

    We are in an extremely difficult position now. We can choose to be petty, and say that the suppliers take all the risk. Sure it isn’t MY fault that I can not take flights.. but is it SAS’ fault? No.

    Should we split the bill? Yes. SAS has enormous costs just keeping the company alive. What is a couple of lost points from my side? Nothing.

    Solidarity. That’s a interesting term. It goes both ways.

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