American Airlines Has Stopped Giving Out Hand Sanitizer On Planes [Roundup]

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  1. “American Airlines has stopped handing out hand sanitizer” – Good, the hand sanitizer fetish was one of the more bizarre outcomes of the pandemic. Airborne virus, people.

  2. Bob, you’re partially right. People touch their nose frequently — hence the recommended frequent hand washing. The challenge with the hand sanitizer is that one would need to wipe one’s hands after each nose-touching. But, then, half of all people don’t wash their hands after using the toilet. So, yeah, you’re 100 percent right.

  3. Gary, you and the referenced article make a good point about the A380. As a stand-alone program, over the program’s life cycle, its cumulative loss was around $20 to 25 billion. But, the collateral benefits must be acknowledged. Another collateral benefit was lessons learned in program management. The A380 team made three strategic errors that doomed it to losing status before its first flight . . . and they knew it. Choice of engines. Undercarriage design. Denying the expansion of point-to-point.

  4. First-class passengers asked a flight attendant, “will we get a pre-departure beverage?”
    Instead of a beverage, the flight attendant handed passengers a hand sanitizer and said, “suck on this.”
    After that incident, American Airlines stopped handing out hand sanitizer.

  5. American stopped back in December, the same as United. I was doing my 50 State Challenge in the last months of 2021 and most flights did not give you sanitizers when you boarded.

  6. Given that the primary mode of infection is airborne the sanitizer towels were more for show. On recent fights most pax seemed to use to wipe tray tables and seats which should have already been properly santized. So scrapping the towels and the litter they cause is a smart move.

  7. Hand sanitizer is a fetish that I’m glad to see go. Was glad to see absurd hospital masks go (though I think EK and/or EH might still be using them), and hoping to say an unfond farewell to masks next.

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