American Airlines Headquarters Employees Petition To Work From Home

I’ve covered United Airlines’ hostility to remote work for its headquarters employees. A group that says it represents 325 employees at American Airlines ‘Skyview’ campus headquarters near the Dallas Fort Worth airport say their airline has been hostile to the idea as well, and are petitioning for jobs that can be done remotely to be permitted to do so, following the advice and request of local governments.

We are writing today to express our extreme concern with the current company direction as it relates to HDQ/SKYVIEW employees who should be able to work from home during the current COVID-19 situation. Things aren’t getting better and the numbers around the world, in the US, in Texas, and in DFW keep rising. Our concern is no longer where we’ve traveled or if we’ve come into contact with someone who traveled to an area experiencing an epidemic—this is now a pandemic.

American provides HDQ/SKYVIEW management and support staff with all of the necessary tools to work from home: laptop, VPN, soft phone, Syncplicity, chat and video chat programs, and more.

Dallas County has issued a shelter-in-place order. Many of us live in Dallas County and have been told not to commute to work if that work can be done at home. Other states, counties and local governments around the country have done the same. Let’s be honest, “social distancing” is possible in our “open office” environment. And while you’ve allowed employees who are sick to stay home, the CDC and WHO stated within the past 24 hours there are more asymptomatic people in the US than those who are symptomatic. You’re putting us at risk.

Companies large and small are allowing employees, whose job functions allow, to work from home. We feel by requiring us to report to a large office with hundreds—even thousands—are present is reckless. No matter the food, sanitation, and other policies you’ve put in place, they’re not enough. American has spent considerable amounts of money and provided us with the tools we need to work from home.

Yes, airlines are essential services as defined under government shelter and stay-at-home orders, our job functions can be completed at home—at home in a safe environment where we can concentrate on the work we need to do—not work about being enclosed unnecessarily in a building where there is a much higher risk.

We ask you create a policy to allow HDQ/SKYVIEW employees to work from home until the pandemic reaches a level where recommendations such as social distancing are no longer in effect.

Respectfully submitted,

Over 325 SKYVIEW 8 Employees Who Have Organized Online

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  1. This has been building across companies that are still office based for a while. At my work, it went viral last weekend over the fallout from a coworker putting a senior Vice President on blast.

  2. This is not just AA but through out TX. The spread has been limited in the state. AZ moved to work from home for all non-essential employees more than a week ago. SWA is also making employees come in.

    Again. . .not just an AA or an airline issue.

  3. I work at another airline and management was very hesitant to let us work from home. Thankfully the city issued shelter at home orders and everyone who can is now working from home- but it is not mandatory as some companies have done.

  4. you should be naming and shaming any companies that have not mandated a work from home policy. My company, US based, mandated this nearly THREE weeks ago. There’s plentiful and simple technology and I appreciate that it’s not for everyone (I’m already borderline Jack Nicholson in The Shining!) but it’s downright criminal that there are still cretins in the world that feel “going into work is the right thing to do

    A quick look at

    11100 new cases and 225 new deaths in the United States. New York Governor Cuomo says: [live streaming]

    Peak number of cases is still 2 to 3 weeks away in New York

    Act now, and the US can slow this.

    So, name and shame airlines that are NOT mandating a work from home policy.

  5. We’re now surging worse than we have in months and they have corporate employees back at Skyview. The Dallas County Health Department has asked employers to let people work from home and American refuses. My coworkers and I all feel like human shields who will get gravely ill and possibly die of this for no reason other than “American says so.”

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