American Airlines Is Now Giving Out Smaller Biscoff Cookies, Just One To A Package

The beloved Biscoff cookies are one of the best things about flying, at least in coach. Traditionally they come two cookies to a package. Right now, though, some American Airlines flights are getting packages with just one cookie. And the cookie itself is smaller, too.

According to an American Airlines spokesperson the cookies are smaller, but flight attendants are supposed to offer two packages to each passenger, and they hope to bring back full sized two to a package Biscoffs soon.

This is a temporary supply chain solution. Customers on a small number of flights will be offered two Biscoff single packs instead of one package containing two Biscoff cookies.

There is difference in the size but we’re hopeful these small number of flights will return to the regular package with two cookies by the end of the month.

In the meantime, Flight Attendants are instructed to offer two single Biscoff cookies, along with their beverage of choice.

I originally became addicted to Biscoff cookies flying Westair (United Express) in the mid-1990s. I never actually purchased any Biscoff myself until it was a qualifying partner as part of the US Airways Grand Slam promotion. That’s how I discovered Biscoff spread.

United Airlines actually reduced the size of its Biscoff cookie packages in 2007 to save money. Maybe that’s how the cookies became most associated with Delta.

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  1. I was wondering how long it was going to take for airline to behaving badly again. Let the fun begin.

  2. Great find Gary. Getting my pension from Kellogg’s started with the Keebler division. Banged on all the airline doors to go with Pecan Sandies or at least Club crackers. I was met with the Biscoff resistance. That is hysterical they cut back 51 cents on a cookie at the coach gets. LOL

  3. Currently eating Biscoff at my desk drinking my afternoon cup of coffee while reading this article!

  4. I wonder how much they saved, 100k systemwide and cost them $500k to analyze and “solve” the problem.

  5. Word on the street is that next they will only allow one cookie for two persons
    If you don’t split it in half you can’t have one but a second cookie can be purchased at full list
    They are a discount airline with the lowest fares in the industry and only a mere 30,000 to 50;000 for a one way coach domestic ticket on award redemption.They plan to introduce a new 100k one way domestic coach award where a second cookie will be offered for free!
    Untied Rising yeah!!!

  6. You all do know you can buy these for practically nothing at Costco? They’re not individually wrapped, but it’s $8 for 128 cookies. That’s 6.125 cents per cookie. I imagine if you bought them in bulk, they’d be even cheaper, so serving only one cookie is not going to be saving much, less than $20 on a 300 person flight.

    As good as Biscoff is, the absolute best airline cookie of all time were some lemon cookies I got on an Alitalia flight. I’ve never been able to find those, if anyone knows what they are or where I can buy them, I will be eternally grateful.

  7. Must be part of the same money-saving initiative that came up with the “let’s have one safety card for the 737-800 and 737 MAX that just says 737” brilliant idea.

  8. Yet again, AA is rAAcing to the bottom! It looks like the back-office bean counters decided they could save $$$ to line Dug Parker’s pockets, along with the rest of the Boardroom.
    The only glitch in this plan is that, as the past year has shown so well, you cannot make money running an airline if you don’t fly the planes! And as AA continues to not fly it’s planes, we can expect even further cuts in passenger service, like charges for water, extra air flow, overhead bag stowage, and on and on.
    Looks like the bad old days have returned with a vengeance for AA! Rumors of mileage devaluation add icing to the cake for this bunch of thieves.

  9. Yuck – I hate these things. The flavor is OK but the mouth feeling afterward is awful – due to the hydrogenated oil. I immediately want to brush my teeth. Oh – and these things have palm oil, too. I’m guessing not sustainably sourced.

  10. Frequently, 32-cookie packages of Biscoff are 2 for $5 at Walgreens. They are my favorites as well, but perhaps a better value/option for the Biscoff-deprived is to include one (or two!) of these packages in your “personal item” carry-on.

  11. What part of supply chain issue DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?

    just continue to Be asses ya’all.

  12. @C_M.. Check with the online food businesses myPanier and Italian Food Online Store. They both offer a huge array of gourmet US and foreign items, particularly from Spain, France and Italy. Decent prices and prompt service.

  13. I wrote to my American Sales rep and here is her response: “This is a temporary supply chain solution. Customers on a small number of flights will be offered two Biscoff single packs instead of one package containing two Biscoff cookies.
    There is difference in the size but we’re hopeful these small number of flights will return to the regular package with two cookies by the end of the month.
    In the meantime, Flight Attendants are instructed to offer two single Biscoff cookies, along with their beverage of choice.”

  14. @MilleFeuille Thanks for the tip. No luck on my cookies, but lots of things I might be interested in.

    I did manage to figure out who makes the cookies for Alitalia – it’s a company called Laurieri. I see some of their items for sale online, but they’re always marked as sold out. Not sure if they’re doing retail packaging anymore, or just concentrating on wholesale. But the cookie is Frolletti al Limone, which is basically an Italian Lemon Shortbread cookie. And given that, I can find a recipe to make my own. We’ll see how they compare.

  15. Never been a fan of the Bischoff Cookie and that goes back many years travelling in Europe where the Belgian Treat is marketed as Lotus/ Karamellgeback. Just never cared for the taste and for some reason Many American’s think it is some gourmet cookie. No idea what would be a better offering but that god awful Stroopwaffle that United offered is just as bad. Parker and His Airline have Bigger Issues than Cookies…..AA sucks on Every Metric of Customer Service and Operational Standards. They need to get their Act Together or get the Hell out of Dodge. (And they claimed they were “Going for GREAT”. Shitshow on a Daily Basis and they are really boxing themselves in a corner where they will be a Bottom Feeder in the Industry).

  16. Recently had two domestic wide body flights, opposite aisle got pretzels while my side was stuck with the cookies. There’s never a choice, it’s luck of the aisle.

  17. Since we’re turning this into a food blog, I also agree that the Stroopwaffle is gross, but a lot of people get mesmerized by it.
    The LU brand Bastogne brown sugar cookie is like an upgraded Bischoff. That LU cookie is pretty easy to find in US grocery stores that carry the LU brand. I first saw the Bischoff cookies sold commercially in grocery stores in Spain, and now it seems fairly common in US supermarkets. (I’m in Santa Monica CA.)
    Tate’s Bake Shop cookies, in many varieties, from Long Island NY, are probably among the top sweets that impress visitors to the US.

  18. As an AA frequent flyer of many many years, I am shocked by how terrible this airline has gradually become. You name it, they have done it. You cannot sink any lower than this. Had I not accumulated so many miles with the AAdvantage program, I would have abandoned them and moved over to Delta. Is there any way I can transfer my AA miles into another airline program such as Delta? Not sure. Probably not but just wanted to be extra sure. Maybe it is a fantasy but what the heck.

  19. I prefer the Dutch stroopwafel over the Lotus Biscoff cookie.. If you do not already know, please be advised that Costco frequently sells the Lotus Biscoff cookies in a box which contains 4 large packs. When on sale, the cost is $ 4.99 per box. . They go very well with tea and coffee.

  20. Doctor S.S….You might be able to transfer your AA points to a hotel chain’s loyalty program affiliated with Delta or another Sky Team partner airline, if such a collaboration exists. Or maybe some other One World or Star Alliance carrier.

  21. Thank you very much (Merci beaucoup) MilleFeuille. I will check into it. You have an interesting dessert based French name. Est vous Francaise?

  22. No. I just love Mille Feuille and Napoleon desserts and just chose that name at random for online use.

  23. I got only 1 of the smaller sized cookies on a flight this month.
    AA Biscoff shrinkflation!
    Where has all the taxpayer handout money gone?

  24. We flew both American and United this past week to and from Florid and on each airline we were offered a package of two Biscoff Lotus cookies and they were happy to give an additional package as well if asked for!

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