American Airlines June Catering Changes: No More Dasani or Sierra Mist

Starting today there are several changes to American Airlines catering, according to an internal document reviewed by View From The Wing.

Premium cabin meal tray setups will contain hand sanitizer. This is in addition to the sanitizer in snack bags given to all passengers on flights between 900 and 2199 miles.

American is dropping Dasani for its one liter water bottles and moving to Nestle water. That’s good – nobody wants Dasani, as the world learned during coronavirus panic buying in March.

American is also “transition[ing] from Sierra Mist to Sprite products throughout the month.”

In first class they’re pulling a beer tub but adding a drawer with two white wines and three champagne splits. They’re also adding a drawer with four bottles of red wine. Long haul redeye flights will get a “Mix & Munch box.” The first class supply cart will also have a PPE Drawer “which includes gloves, hand sanitizer, crew face masks, and extra face masks for customers.”

In economy,

  • flights over 2200 miles have a “drawer added to Aisle Ready Beverage Cart”
  • Flights between 900-2199 miles will receive snack bags
  • 12 cans of Dasani Lime are being replaced by 4 cans each of Coke, Diet Coke, and Dr. Pepper (There will still be 3 cans of Dasani Lime, boy there was a lot of Dasani Lime)

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  1. I’ll preface by recognizing the absolute insignificance of this question but is this the first time Dr Pepper has been on offer?

  2. Good to know that passengers on American Airlines flights will continue to have the opportunity to clean the leftover crud on their tray table by using Nestle water instead of Dasani.

  3. Gary- What do you say nobody wants Dasani? I couldn’t find any during the early crisis days. Anyway, what’s the difference between Dasani and Nestle? They are both tap water where they are filtered through reverse osmosis to remove everything including minerals. Than they add artificial minerals back to give them a better taste. Either way, they are both “processed” water.

  4. Dasani Lime Is my drink of choice on American. Nice to have a drink that’s not full of sugar or sweetener.

  5. Hey Gary,

    You said “In first class they’re pulling a beer tub…” Does this mean there will be less beer up front in J moving forward? I enjoy some IPA’s when I travel so I hope this is’t the case? If they could swap out the current IPA (Pre-COVID) I’d be fine with that and rotate it with something else…

  6. @Fernasie – Dasani is arguably the most salty IMO of all the cheaper non-spring water options out there…would take Aquafina over it by way of comparison

  7. I like the Dasani Lime myself. I only drink flavored sparkling when on board as normally for me it’s regular sparkling. Some other sparkling would be nice.

  8. No alcohol for FC on flights up to 900 miles now too…..what a great update….thanks AA.

  9. Nothing brings out the pretentious wankers as much as branded bottled water: it’s one of the greatest con jobs of all time. Fiji and Evian are the worst offenders.
    In my view, all that should be served is treated tap water or, better still…urine…it’s environmentally friendly and sustainable.
    It should be available in every hotel room as well, possibly in bulk containers, although it could be piped directly into the bathrooms.

  10. Nestle water is disgusting. Really the cheapest water and its literally tap water.

  11. The reason Dasani was readily available during the COVID grocery shortages is because it is re-stocked daily by the Coca Cola delivery drivers who are also delivering Coke products directly to the shelves. It does not get shipped to grocery stores from the grocery store distribution centers, which may only get a truck every other day to stores.

  12. One small reason people don’t like Dasani is it contains a small, negligible amount of salt

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