American Airlines Miami Passenger Walks The Aisles As Plane Tries To Depart

On Saturday night’s American Airlines flight 1630 from Miami to Austin, the Boeing 737 MAX delivered new to the airline in January took a delay over an issue with the aircraft’s tire. While that was addressed, one of the passengers on board the full flight became antsy and decided to “walk around” the cabin. When the plane was close to takeoff the woman reportedly stated that “something would happen.”

The woman walking around the aircraft wasn’t wearing her mask properly. Neither was the woman who confronted her complaining that “300 people” were being delayed on the aicraft because of her walkabout. (The 737 MAX holds 172 passengers.)

The entire aircraft eventually had to be deplaned in order to remove this woman. Unsurprisingly this was a departure from Miami, right? The flight eventually took took off two and a half hours late.

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  1. Dumb move. All passengers do not need to be deplaned. Just David Dao her ass off the plane and move on.

  2. “Get away with basically murder” “#noconcernforpassengersafety” How? They fixed the aircraft issue and had the woman removed. Did she expect them to tackle her immediately for walking around? God what a drama queen.

  3. Of course this is par for the course for all of the trash flying out of Miami/Dade…

  4. The mask mandate people are a threat to:
    – Our safety (see Aaron above advocating physical violence, specifically breaking this woman’s face like David Dao)
    – Timeliness of transportation by delaying flights over non-events such as this
    – FA safety by asking them to enforce ridiculous mandates that endanger FAs and everyone else.

    The mask mandate needs to end now.

  5. The 300 people advocate wasn’t wearing her mask either. America is seriously in trouble!!
    American Airlines needs to raise basic economy fares. Things change when its expensive to fly. Feel badly for the family with children. Adults can be suck jack asses.

    What a mess.

  6. The captain (God) should have just made all passengers assume the POW position for the duration of the flight.

  7. @Stephen W
    Blame it on the masks. If it wasn’t for morons like you, we wouldn’t still be in this Covid sh*h*l*.
    Covid is still being spread around the world by anti-science nut jobs.

  8. Liberals only care about people with mental health problems when they want more taxpayer money. But When it’s a maskless white woman on a plane, drag her ass.

  9. With so many delays recently, I’m under the impression AA cabin crews are being told to minimize announcements and interactions to avoid confrontations.

    Last week, after a 5+ hour mechanical/weather delay, there were zero pre-departure announcements. Heck, there wasn’t even a pre-departure safety check. People here losing their minds over masks yet 90% of the J cabin on my flight was in bed mode for takeoff. I’ll let you all decide which is more dangerous, but it seems crazy to me that FAs are so scared to enforce the mask mandate that now legitimate safety is being ignored in order to avoid confrontation with pax

  10. Note to self: Avoid all future transiting via USA. Daily stories of wacko Americans on planes is becoming a bit ridiculous.

  11. More maskless idiots. What I don’t understand in these situations is why other passengers are interjecting themselves into the middle of things. As far as I am concerned that other maskless woman should have been tossed too. If someone is having a mental episode on a plane we don’t need other passengers jumping in and screaming at them and thereby escalating the situation. The cabin crew should be the only ones to deal with it unless they specifically request other passengers assist. I would hope cabin crews are trained to deal with people who are having mental meltdowns on planes (the way the FA was acting it looks like he was acting in a calm and collected way so hopefully that is based on training he received). If not then the airline is at fault for not providing proper training as this is hardly a rare event, especially in these difficult times.

  12. For people railing against the mask mandate do they even realize there are parts of the US where hospitals right now are seeing more covid admissions that at any other time during the pandemic? If you can’t handle wearing a mask then drive. Sick and tired of the country being pushed back into a pandemic everytime we try to move forward because covidiots don’t want to even take minimal steps to slow the spread of this virus.

  13. I see this more and more. These people need to be forbidden to fly again and fined, fined, fined or jailed. Idiots.

  14. What’s going to be fun is when there’s a cabin depressurization, oxygen masks fall, and passengers are either too stupid/too panicked/too confused/too drunk/too crazy to take their masks off before putting their masks on.

    Fortunately they talk about this in the pre-flight safety demo that EVERYONE pays follows with such CAREFUL attention…

  15. So, Jerry. You do realize that mask wearing is Legally Required if you travel by plane?

    Have you been on a plane?

  16. It only felt like 300 people had been crammed into the plane. You gotta love Oasis.

  17. Love how these selfish, dangerous, moron #Republitards continue to ignore SCIENCE and not only put their own lives at risk, but the lives of their family, friends and others by not following FAA and CDC rules, just because their pathetic lying, twice -impeached, one-term criminal loser POTUS said so. #GOPMorons

  18. “Literally Commit Murder”

    What a fool. Sounds like your over dramatic Biden voters aka all of them.

  19. Covidiots are fools if they still think masks work.

    At this point the mask nazis are no different that brown shirts pre-nazi germany.

  20. Florida to Texas………….no chance of anything going wrong with those populations in a race to the bottom..

  21. Are most Americans ignorant or just stupid around disease mitigation?

    Stop watching Fox for your info…..

  22. @snowe
    Actually, you misunderstand the term “Covidiots”. The term refers to numbskulls and virus deniers like yourself. If morons like you would have followed the mandate we would have been out of this by now.

  23. @snowe
    Show all of us some stats that masks don’t work. You are another example of a “Chump Fool.”
    Poor pitiful little loser. Make sure you drink your bleach and shove a light bulb up your ass so you
    don’t catch the Covid.

  24. @WileyDog

    Naa the covidiots are the people still wearing masks alone in their cars and calling covid a deadly disease when 99% of people survive the “virus”


    I already have gotten covid. It was nothing and didn’t even know I had it.

    Both of you people are a fifth column in this country and not real Americans. Take a lesson from the Jan 6th Patriots.

  25. @Snowe
    You wouldn’t know a true patriot from a double-bacon cheeseburger. You really hate this country, don’t you? You are what I call a PINO and a CHINO, Patriot in Name Only and Christian In Name Only.
    The American dream is alive and well and traitors like you will NEVER take it from we true patriots.

  26. @Rocko
    Stop watching the liberal media, they have been lying to you. Masks are worthless if Fauci said so.

    Na people like you are a cancer. One that will one day be cut out.

  27. @snowe
    You say you are a patriot, yet you hate demonstrations unless it is right-wing nut jobs storming the Capitol and killing cops. You hate the news media unless it is run by a right-wing Australian billionaire, you hate people voting. You claim without an ounce of proof that an election was rigged. In fact, you hate all of the Constitution except for the 2nd Amendment .
    That’s a “patriot?” Not in the real world.

  28. @snowe: wow, big man with the threat to @WileyDog. Punks like you sit at your keyboard in mommy’s basement. Grow TF up. Why you aren’t banned is due to the blogger thinking like you right wing idiots.

    @DC not in DC: yes, all in Biden. He should be testing every facility in the world. Thanks for your post Tucker Carlson, Jr.

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