American Airlines Opens High End Admirals Club In Denver

The American Airlines Admirals Club in Washington National airport’s E Concourse is absolutely stunning and a huge departure from the institutional design rolled out in spring 2018. Last month the airline opened its second lounge with their new design template at Newark.

Washington National Airport Admirals Club E Concourse

With an increase in club membership fees and Citi premium co-brand annual fee also comes a modestly bigger investment in lounge food (like sweet chili meatballs in Austin).

The new Denver lounge is in terminal C between gate 30 and 32. It’s 6,000 square feet with seating for 114 people, and is open 4:30 a.m. – 11:30 p.m.

Credit: American Airlines

Credit: American Airlines

They describe the architectural approach for the lounge as drawing “inspiration from the natural landscapes…from the elegant Birch Aspen trees to create a space reflective of the woodlands, connecting the indoor experience to the essence of Denver’s outdoors.”

Food and beverage options include:

  • pancakes with fruit
  • cashew-hempseed granola
  • chipotle chicken tacos
  • local Rocky Road brownies

Credit: American Airlines

Austin was announced nearly two years ago but no work has been done (and seems likely to ultimately be in a different location – the West Infill project – than what was announced). There are no other Admirals Clubs currently announced in the pipeline to receive this new design approach, unfortunately.

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  1. I left a white bag with a white shoe box Aldo on 10-17-2023.please contact me if returned at 313-629-7313 Delta airport

  2. Was a pretty popular place with Flyertalk Moderators who were in Denver this past weekend for the DO where Randy Petersen also said his goodbyes to a FT crowd with a toss of frequent flyer cards from over the years.

    The other big news from that event was that Sandiego1k is out as Community Director effective at the end of this month as InternetBrands has gone with UK-based NWIFlyer as the next FT Community Director. It’s sort of ironic as it comes at a time when InternetBrands wants to cut out paying stipends for Moderators who show up in-person at locations for the Mod Dos.

  3. @GUWonder for what it’s worth (and I’m not actually sure that Carol knows this), I’m the one that recommended her for the position.

  4. You made a good recommendations, amigo.

    Nowadays, I would have hoped the next would turn out to be someone like kokonutz, but IB likes its cheap labor administering the members and so going outside the Moderator group but with other long time FTers was more than could be expected by me.

  5. @Tim Dunn, AA operates out of Concourse C along side OW Partner AS. All three concourses are very similar, you are just upset because DEN still has a dingy, dark, and dirty SC.

  6. @Tim, C is better than A, where DL pax are subjected to nonstop concourse pages from Frontier gate agents. The announcements rarely stop and they’re maddening.

    The UA pax and employees on A don’t have to to deal with that noise pollution as UA made sure F9 announcements are limited to the east half of the concourse where they operation.

    Plus the DL gates are all the way at the end of the A concourse, versus the AA gates that are more convenient in the center of the C concourse.

  7. @GUWonder
    “Was a pretty popular place with Flyertalk Moderators who were in Denver this past weekend”

    Wrong, the lounge didn’t open until yesterday.

    ” Sandiego1k is out as Community Director effective at the end of this month as InternetBrands has gone with UK-based NWIFlyer as the next FT Community Director. It’s sort of ironic as it comes at a time when InternetBrands wants to cut out paying stipends for Moderators who show up in-person at locations for the Mod Dos.”

    Again, wrong and wrong. SanDiego1K stepped down, not “out.” And you have no clue what Internet Brands “wants” to do.

    Stop captaining Team Wrong and stop embarrassing yourself.

  8. The airport was a popular place this past weekend. And the airport security lines were unfortunately too typical for the place too, just as expected.

    I heard that IB wanted out of the in-person Mod Dos. Is that “wrong wrong” like “negative negative”? Negative of a negative is positive.

    Let me guess now. You’re one of the clique who contact me “anonymously” while trying to set me up for being permanently banned from FlyerTalk despite my having violated no rules on FT and not having had a single suspension in over 80k points made by me on the site at any time during the past 18 years or so. And that is despite being a marked person by a bunch of petty haters/stalkers on the site who are in privileged positions on the site or get the favor of such persons on the site.

    When I tried to clue in the site that there were some bad apples in their midst, it gets turned on the whistleblower by those who should stand for the rules rather than some wishy-washy “pattern of behavior”, “spirit of the rules” and such.

    People of high characater don’t circle the bandwagon based on personal association or personal animosity and target people on that basis; people of high character ride an independent path where there is adherence to principles and the rules as written not as a bullying gang or mob wishes things to be in order to disappear someone for their own petty purposes.

  9. “Anonymous” above, are you the same FTer as an other “Anonynmous” who believes I would have hacked into the accounts of FT Mods using their passwords? Or you an “Anonymous” who believes I am a Moderator with GUWonder as a secondary account? Why not just stick to using FT names to make it easier for all?

    Here is some info for you: none of the rule breaking would be my style. While I am sure there won’t be any quitting at wanting to see me permanently banned unless and until a permanent ban is to happen (which would turn out to be on spurious grounds), a suspension or permanent ban of me would also not be in compliance with the rules.

  10. GUW is a disgrace and embarrassment to FT and needs to go. We believe he is all nonsense and a thief of confidential information. And even without evidence at this point we have very strong suspicions he stole our passwords to get inside information on FT. We have suspected him of many other rules violations on FT but could not confirm them. We should have done a permanent retirement banishment long ago. GUW is an ignoramus and wastes a lot of our time by posting on FT and is all nonsense across the web. We are sure he has enemies beyond FT, so we will do all of us and them a favor and ban him on FT. Maybe he is a she or a they, but same problem person we want him banished at all costs. Let us celebrate.

  11. @FT Mod Power – if you have merely “suspicions” that you “could not confirm” how can you call for a ban? That doesn’t speak well of the moderator group, also bringing confidential member discipline considerations into public fora?

  12. Señor Leff,

    Just wait until the FlyerTalk site admins again and again run the multiple account detection tool — with me specifically in the scope — using the IP address, browser cookies, etc. tracking to shut down duplicate accounts.

    Given how much airport, airline lounge, hotel and a whole bunch of other shared public Wi-Fi networks and even airline/hotel lounge/lobby shared computers I have used around the world while making all those posts on FlyerTalk over the decades, I would expect a bunch of false positive “duplicate accounts” for quite a mix of FTers — including some of the moderators, especially the heavy Hyatt Wi-Fi network users. But there will be no true positives for me, regardless of what the IP address, other tracking tools or super-subjective “language analysis” may indicate to anyone . But who needs to confirm with evidence and proof beyond a reasonable doubt of an actual FlyerTalk rule violation when confirmation bias is not only easy but also most welcomed by those who should be behaving responsibly in line with the rules but really are falling short of doing so with what seems to be going on.

  13. @Gary

    A permanent banishment of GUW does the greatest service to our readers. Personally, I think you should know many of us had suspected him of serial infractions on FT, including the very serious suspicion about password hacking to access Moderator areas. I must admit the optics of wanting to ban him while the suspicions are being investigated at this time, but he is disruptive with his nonsense on your blog.

    Carol was to announce she is stepping out as Community Director. GUW is a thief of confidential information and stole that moment with the unauthorized mention of that on your blog. He should have been banned long ago as a disgrace and embarrassment.

  14. @Mod Power – those all seem like FlyerTalk issues to me, not things that I ought to be involved in?

    I have no direct knowledge of any of it!

    Other than that, of course, I think the world of Carol and originally suggested to InternetBrands that they seek her out for the role.

  15. Password hacking? Sorry to disappoint those seeking to confirm their biases and lame excuses to ban me and those who go along to get along, but they may as well believe the Flying Spaghetti Monster provided me with Stingrays, spoofed hotspots and NSO exploits to run in Antarctica to crack into the penguins’ domains and steal their eggs. Another one of those things that never happened. But carting out scare story after scare story is an old school way to rally the troops and boost morale for the troops and public to stay in line while on a continuing mission to take out the object of personal(-ized) animosities or whatever long-standing grudge motivates..

    Señor Leff,

    Who knows, but it certainly doesn’t follow the rules of Fight Club. They should go focus on the posts on FlyerTalk instead of this creepy, hostile, out-of-bounds stalking thing or whatever it is that is just weird, unproductive and — for lack of a better word — not very professional in keeping with the rules where the rules are.

    IIRC, it was a couple of years after FlyerTalk had opened up that Randy Petersen got around to putting in moderators on the site. After that happened, among the first lessons members received was to make sure to focus on the post and its content and not the poster. And IIRC, he also used to say that a Moderator is a members first — which means the rules should apply to all members. Seems like a lesson and focus lost — and not only with these eager beaver calls for rule-less banning.

  16. I hope Anonymous, ANON, FT Mod Power, and Mod Power are not representative of FT moderators. They seem like awful people. There are too many mods on FT who need to be put out to pasture, since they act as if they are lords and we are serfs. Without us veteran members, FT would be devoid of useful information. We are the product. Most of you are just admin dweebs who have been given power completely out of proportion to your abilities.

    I love this part: “And even WITHOUT EVIDENCE at this point we have very strong suspicions …. We have suspected him … but COULD NOT CONFIRM. We should have done a permanent retirement banishment long ago.” Donald Trump would be proud.

    BTW, I have no horse in this race and don’t know GUWonder from a hole in the wall except as a poster on FT. But it’s a shame to see what the current moderator corps has done to FT.

  17. The false allegations attached to GUW by InterneT Brands Admin and FT mods did what they were intended to do. The character assassination was a way to bird-cage those aware of the deliberations and the aftermath. And as expressed by mods before the Thanksgiving long weekend banning of GUW, discussions about banning GUW have indeed not stayed confined to just the mods.

    Emery Fudd went with “kill the wabbit!” despite no proof of any unlawful activity by GUW, no proof of FT TOS violations and no incremental disciplinary due process application.

    Word is that Bugs Bunny lives on and Mods are on the hunt for Bugs as two-factor authentication use hasn’t stopped the leaks from multiple mods or mod affiliated ones.

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