American Airlines Passenger Boardings Plane, Finds Inoperative Catering Above Their Head [Roundup]

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  1. CXN saves four hours and an extra stop in Charlotte. Easily worth the two bill in incremental change fees

  2. You’d like to change that flight? That’s be $2,147,483,647.

    A 32-bit integer

  3. For those looking at that bizarre 2 billion dollar number – that’s actually a specific, special number for computers.

    Computers often store numbers in 32 bits of data. If the number is allowed to be both negative or positive, then the maximum positive number that can fit is 2,147,483,647. Sometimes people use the maximum integer value to signify some condition. My guess is that something like that was done here, and somewhere else the code failed to check for it, and you end up offering the customer the option to purchase an upgrade for the cost of a small airline.

  4. Gotta love the guy “Tom” in the Twitter replies to the first two. Typical whiner with too much time on their hands, only to be the one who stomps around yelling how he’s going to call his attorney when the same happens to him.

    I swear these US airlines are competing for the dirtiest airplane lately!

  5. One beverage pass on a 4 hour flight is all I want. After that I’m perfectly capable of asking for a beverage in the galley when I have to use the restroom anyway or, if I’m wedged in the window seat, using the call button.

  6. Oh boo hoo. so they don’t have an overhead vent for a flight, rather it be cancelled, can you imagine the noise they would make if that happened. Suck it up butter cup, your not that important and not that fragile that a turned off air vent will ruin you.

  7. If the air vent is broken or entertainment system not functioning, you should offer me a discount, because I’m not getting what I paid for.

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