American Airlines Passenger Did Not “Conform And Comply So He Must Be Punished” [Roundup]

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  1. We’re subjected to unaccountable and arbitrary authoritarians from petty dictators like this every time we travel by air. We are not free people. Why are such horrible people so overrepresented in airline staff, with horrible and outrageous events often in the news on American, Delta, and United? It’s worth noting that there was a horrible story about Lufthansa staff last summer but they disciplined their employees and compensated the victims, while US travelers almost never receive such satisfaction for gross behavior by rude martinets.

  2. Surely there has to be some kind of regulation that demands air carriers be responsible for the actions of their employees that appear to intentionally harass or defraud a customer, ie, the situation with the Frontier customers whose bags clearly fit into the sizer with room to spare. Or the PSA (AA) flight where the passenger did nothing malicious, harmful, violent, or threatening by accidentally placing his bag in the wrong overhead bin. If, on each occasion of “passenger harassment”–which is clearly what it is!–the airline had to pay out, oh, $2500 or $5000 cash, I bet there would be a quick turnaround in this type of dictator wannabe behavior.

  3. Apropos AA FA’s ““Conform And Comply So He Must Be Punished”: sure sounds like Gestapo is on board. Good thing those FA’s are not armed, or else there would be blood.

  4. Agree on aggressively fining airlines for FA behavior. It would be difficult to implement but nevertheless necessary in view of the extreme behavior that FAs are exhibiting post-pandemic. Airlines need to be incentivized to push through the union bureaucracy and fire FAs much more frequently, even if it means worsening labor relations.

  5. These power trips only happen at US airlines, the crews here are lazy AF yet need to satisfy their egos with the absolutely awful behavior. They need to get a life.

  6. The F9 case, the girl removed the wheels of the carry-on, they emptied half of the contents of the other bags and of course the FIRST mention on the TV ‘report’ (in the totally left wing biased, dem funded media channel) if the ethnicity of the passengers. Dems always being the real racists.
    And that’s exactly the line of all they release in the media.

  7. And here I was thinking it wasn’t part of an AA FA’s duties to patrol proper use of the overhead bins…

  8. Is there more info about what ACTUALLY happened on that AA Providence flight? How do we know what the pax did? The six second video doesn’t explain much of anything.

  9. @BBK
    Did you get your shorts twisted this morning? I’m sure everyone involved was thinking about politics, especially about whining Chump!

  10. I thought they weren’t being paid while the door is open?

    AA: File for bankruptcy NOW. Shred the union contracts then fire 20% of all FAs. Those who don’t want to get onboard with the nes way of doing things can be fired also.
    Getting back to being “Something special in the air” starts with dismissing these losers.

  11. I hope you know why FAs in America are so dumbed down. I won’t say why, but look at them.

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