American Airlines Passenger Sneaks Into The Lavatory, Scheming To Be First Off Plane

An American Airlines passenger “waited in the bathroom so he could get off first.” When the flight arrived at Dallas – Fort Worth, the man got up and came forward, entering the lavatory as though he ‘had to go’. And he waited there, rather than returning to his seat, so that he’d be the first passenger off of the aircraft. Video here isn’t safe for work, because the passenger gives his onboard critic ‘the finger’. And the man taking the video says “I’ll be the Karen.”

The deplaning strategist got what he wanted, and didn’t really inconvenience anyone, so I guess he was doing just fine until he flipped the bird at another passenger. But was he really even gaining much with his lavatory stunt?

This doesn’t work well if you have a full sized carry on bag. Maybe it’ll fit with you in the lavatory? And if you don’t have a carry on bag, odds on you’ve checked a bag. In that case hiding in the lavatory in order to get off the plane first isn’t really going to save you any time since you’ll still wait at bag claim.

I suppose when I’m doing my favorite kind of travel – no checked bag, no carry on, maybe just an overnight with my laptop bag so I don’t worry about overhead bin space and can board at my leisure – then it would work quite well. Use the restroom as an excuse to go straight to the front of the aircraft before the door opens to get off.

You should wait your turn to get off unless you’re trying to make a connecting flight but really does heading to the lavatory really work any better than just rushing as close to the front of the plane as you can get? And at the end of the day, you’re spending extra time in the lavatory.

It’s also the correct thing to do to stand as soon as the plane reaches the gate and the seat belt sign is turned off. You don’t need to wait for your row’s turn to deplane – that just boxes in the people next to you.

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  1. Link to “the correct thing to do to stand as soon as the plane reaches the gate and the seat belt sign is turned off” somehow doesn’t work for me.
    Also, what’s with everyone now having to tape everything so they can post it online? Just mind your business and let the crew handle it, and yes, he’s being a Karen. In a way he deserved to be flipped off.

  2. Why did the FA not check the bathroom and then lock it from the outside.

    I think some FA needs retraining

  3. I have been the first off the plane for two international flights. Then ran to customs where there was no line.

  4. This has to be the greatest flyer ever. Everyone knows that the first person off the aircraft is the biggest, most important , and sophisticated businessman ever to fly. He has just set a new standard for all you losers that just stand up as soon as possible. Time to up your game.

  5. Guy filming it is the true loser here. Imagine being that upset about being 3rd off the plane instead of 2nd that you feel the need to video it all. Pathetic, get a life

  6. @305, you hit that one out of the ball park. The Karen deserves to be flipped off.

    He has no bags.!!

  7. Gary- I will always box you out if you think you’re going to come from behind to deplane before my row. Next flight you’re trying to rudely bum rush from the back, that will be me chillin’ in the row, waiting my turn to CORRECTLY deplane. Learn some common decency.

  8. @305, I can’t agree. The point isn’t that the guy who filmed lost one slot in the deplaning game. The point is that the guy who faked nature’s call gets number one instead of number 146, or whatever it would have been. Anytime, someone cutting in line ahead of you always only moves you back one, but do you like it? The whole concept of queueing depends on people not doing that, and indeed, shaming those who do is not a bad move.

  9. @Tomri: You said, “Why did the FA not check the bathroom and then lock it from the outside? I think some FA needs retraining.”

    The flight attendant may have locked the bathroom outside; however, a passenger can open a . locked lavatory door outside the toilet. Just lift the cover on the door labeled “lavatory” and then slide the door latch to open. Remember to knock first.

  10. In a way I would be happy if 25 passengers without luggage quickly got to the front and exited the airplane quickly when possible. Better than having them clog the aisle behind slow people. Afterward there would be more room for those who were left. I would not be one of them because I always have some cabin luggage.

  11. I always assume those who stand and agitate to be first off the plane have a good reason – like connecting flight or hot date. I usually opt for a window seat so usually just sit there until the ones in front are on their way, then in a relaxed way get up and sidle over to the aisle. Almost always I am let in immediately and grab my carry on (I am very good at stowing and grabbing it) and exit in a low blood pressure way. Always thank the cabin crew on the way out. Never had a problem.

  12. @305. I speak for myself but apology accepted. And in the overall list of rude comments read on this site . . . you’re not even close to being an award winner.
    BTW DaveS & Bob, it’s “disembark” (unless you also decar, deboat, debicycle, etc., then you go right ahead and deplane.)

  13. @One Trippe, deplane is in the dictionary as a synonym for disembark. It is both shorter and more specific than disembark. It is commonly used in the USA.

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