Charlotte-Bound Passenger Taken Into Custody for Urinating on Luggage

In the wee hours of Thursday morning a passenger on board American Airlines flight 1344 from Chicago O’Hare to Charlotte urinated on another passenger’s luggage.

According to the police report, the victim is a 28-year-old female who was not hurt. Damages are listed at $100.

…the report also mentions no charges against the passenger.

I’d be tempted to crack that ‘when an airline changes its inflight product to resemble a UK charter carrier, it’s increasingly likely to attract the kind of passengers who fly on package holiday deals to Spanish party destinations’ but this isn’t the first time an American Airlines passenger did something like this at a time they had only begun to densify aircraft after their takeover by US Airways management.

Last month of course American had to cancel a transatlantic flight when a pilot was too drunk to fly. It’s unlikely, however, that the pilot’s drinking was the result of lack of legroom in the cockpit either.

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  1. Yuck.

    The way the law works. You find someone peeing on your luggage. You push him into the wall, he gets hurt, you end up in jail, and he sues you for assault. I think there is something wrong with that picture.

  2. Stories such as this one indicate how difficult it can be to work for the airlines. The flights crews surely are not compensated enough to deal with this type of boneheaded behavior. It’s high time that morons such as this one be banned from flying on any airline.

  3. Gary: If the photo is of a “densified” AA, it looks far more comfortable than my IndiGo flight yesterday from Delhi to Goa. The A320 was maxed out at 180 seats (every one filled) with 30” pitch and 18” width. Thin cloth covers (not the leather in your photo) but the same ultra thin seats. Like sitting on a wooden plank for 2-1/2 hours with no way to move.

    The more I think about it, the more it seems AA is emulating IndiGo. IndiGo focuses on on time (D0) departures, closing gates at 25 minutes before scheduled flight time, and packing as many people as possible in. Everything is extra. And it’s India’s largest carrier. The difference between AA and 6E is that it has no frequent flyer program, so it must make profit by actually flying people.

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