American Airlines Passengers Meet, Get Drunk Inflight, And Explore Love At Their Seats

Two American Airlines passengers met for the first time when they found themselves seated beside each other. There must have been an instant attraction. They both decided to order wine during drink service. And, inhibitions relaxed, they decided to put their feelings on display for the rest of the cabin, “all over each other” in the words of the passenger seated beside them. The man started massaging the woman’s feet.

The third wheel in the row was more than a spectator to the event, the love birds were “leaning on” her and on her seat and touching her while “groping each other under the [tray] tables.”

They added the following,

LIKE MASSAGING HER WHOLE ASS FEET ??????? AND LEANING ON ME TO DO SO… the guy was originally in the middle seat but they switched so he could massage her feet better imgonana throw up

The Mile High Club is over 100 years old. The very first couple to try it were using a Curtiss Flying Boat C‑2 off Long Island. The woman was cheating on her husband who was serving abroad in World War I. They managed to disengage the autopilot while engaged in their congress, sending the plane into the water. They were found naked by duck hunters.

Usually passengers use the lavatory. Far less common is when passengers just stay at their seats although those are the stories that go most viral especially when they’ve only just met on board.

Thomas Hobbes described life as “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short” in Leviathan. If we can find a little happiness in this world, no matter how fleeting, that seems worthwhile, although I tend to prefer seeking satisfaction over transitory bliss.

I’ll never take issue whom you choose to love, as long as the other party is in a position to consent. On the other hand where and when you choose to love is another issue. Time, place and manner restrictions seem more than reasonable.

I’m not sure I agree with involuntary witness that this is the fault of American Airlines since she says she did not even report the issue to a flight attendant or tell anyone that she was uncomfortable.

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  1. Anytime a pax even makes a peep and is threatened with removal every phone within 2 rows has it recorded and online within the hour. But when an alcohol induced love fest takes place, all the same phones all fall silent. This can’t be true.

  2. And you wonder why guys don’t want to marry American women. They are so used to be passed around between men, so they don’t mind these behaviors

  3. This happened to me 11 years ago on a flight from LA to NY. Talking to the woman next to me, we started drinking and talking, one thing went to the next, then we started making out right then and there, after moments of passion, we just snuggled up with each other and slept. We walked together off of the plane at departure, we parted ways. And that was that.

  4. Well if you had to have some kind of experience on a flight for the first time in your life, I would have to say putting up with a man and woman enjoying eachother is better then the Physical Violence that seems to have become common place while traveling the sky’s.
    Maybe they are the Poster Couple of the old saying, ” Fly The Friendly Skys”
    You lived through it, get over it.
    My guess is you would have complained of any number of things on that flight. You got lucky and now your getting your 10.

    To the person that obviously was mortified by the couple making out and now needs years of mental therapy and multiple bottles of prescription drugs because you just can’t go on after witnessing such a display of vulgarity, yes you.
    Why didn’t you just speak up?
    If you where physically inconvenienced and the sight of them made you want to throw up…
    You think you might have let them know.
    OK, so now that I’ve bumped you up to 15 mins.
    Normally, I don’t even hop on this kind of train, but it’s nothing on social media if it isn’t made out to be NEGATIVE.
    Congrats 15

  6. It’s not American Airlines fault, it’s hers for not saying something. She should have asked them to respect her space or rung her fight attendant call button. Don’t complain after the fact! She allowed them to disrespect her.

  7. I think she was enjoying every moment of it cuz the call light is above an if she was she would touch it for help

  8. @Yvette:
    > I think she was enjoying every moment of it cuz the call light is above an if she was she would touch it for help

    That’s the sort of attitude that leads to rape from being afraid to resist.

  9. Then she was in the middle seat, and drunk enough not to notice much. Why not cop a feel or 2 or more?

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