American Airlines Pilot Declares Himself More Trustworthy Than The CDC

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  • 25% transfer bonus from American Express Membership Rewards to Air France KLM Flying Blue through June 15.

  • ‘Fake cleaners’ posing as staff so they can raid hotel rooms

  • Was his next announcement ‘Let’s Go Brandon’? That said he isn’t wrong that CDC and – I assume he means FDA, not FAA – have performed poorly during the pandemic.

  • Now that he’s not being prosecuted for the attack… Meanwhile Bill Maher says he’ll keep flying private because young people don’t really care about the environment, penalizing celebrities for doing it.

  • If you don’t have friends to celebrate your birthday with, buy a Southwest Airlines ticket for the special day.

  • I’m not sure why anyone would show up at the American Airlines ticket counter in Denver before 3 a.m…?

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  1. The AA pilot was not wrong!

    The CDC, FBI, Supreme Court, Congress, CIA, media – all once rock-solid institutions (Well, not Congress) can no longer be trusted to be objective or truthful. the events of the past decades proves this. The breakdown of the USA continues.

  2. Why would anyone trust the CDC? It’s a private organization with special interest and many conflicts of interest amongst their executives. Their data is constantly being changed to reflect actual numbers and they been inconsistent in their decision making and directives. Who are the to make any directives?

  3. A pilot who thinks he knows better than anyone else around him is a dangerous pilot. It takes the teamwork of a bunch of people doing very different and highly specific jobs to safely transport people from one destination to another through the air. This guy thinking he doesn’t need to listen to anyone or anything but his own farts is going to get someone killed.

  4. @CW: What the heck are you talking about? The CDC is not a “private” organization…

    Gary – pretty rich for you to posting something like this given the number of times you’ve proclaimed the pandemic over, despite what the CDC says.

  5. Can we trust the CDC? Better question is: Is there any person/organization we can trust LESS than the CDC???

    Maybe the Taliban….


  6. Trust the CDC? When the next virus arrives is it them we’re going to turn to for medical guidance? Or will they be busy handling evictions?

  7. Movie stars and expensive jewelry … does it get any lamer than this? Nobody in their right mind travels with expensive jewelry. If it’s ‘part of your job’ to show up looking glamorous, store your stones at a local jewelers. If that’s too much trouble, at least put it all in the hotel safe, not the one in your room. BTW, if you see someone in a housekeeping uniform wearing sunglasses walking down the hall, call hotel security … they just might be criminals.

  8. @BOb
    CW says he works in the health field and flies often so he should know. That puts him in with the scientific genius Chump

  9. @Amazing Larry
    Larry. I have your answer for you. None other than the Scientific genius Chump. He will always speak the truth and never lie or distort the truth.

  10. CW, please read: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the national public health agency of the United States. It is a United States federal agency, under the Department of Health and Human Services, and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Sure they’ve made some mistakes, and I certainly disagree with some of their pronouncements and strategies. But they are people dedicated to saving lives and so tend to be cautious in their approach to things that can kill people.

    Also, part of the confusion about them is that science is the process of observation, experimentation and learning from your results what does and does not work. Thus their announcements will change as more is learned, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try. Nobody has a single magic answer to every situation, and if someone claims to have knowledge without education, testing or experience, stay away from them.

  11. “But they are people dedicated to saving lives…”

    No way someone makes that statement with a straight face. Your average two-bit hood has higher standards than the CDC or the FDA.

  12. @drrichard
    “they’ve made some mistakes”…LOL! Can you say, “understatement of the year”?

    Yes, they’re US public health agency, which means they get taxpayers’ money, and they’re part of the executive branch. But by being overly political, they completely undermined everyone’s trust in their judgement, and science. Not too many people in the country today would agree that they are “dedicated to saving lives”.

  13. Typical egotistical pilot. They think they know everything. If you really knew what they’re like you’d be horrified knowing they control metal tubes hurtling through the air and towards the ground.

  14. The CDC’s biggest mistake – issuing guidance that resulted in closing schools. I think we can all pretty much agree that this was a non-scientific call that caved to pressure from the teacher’s unions. There was never any scientific evidence that students were being protected by closing schools after the summer of 2020. You can make a precautionary case early in the pandemic, by summer 2020 it was obvious kids weren’t at risk from COVID any more than any other disease.

    There is a whole group of kids from high school to college (and parents of kids of all ages) who are soon going to realize they were severely shortchanged by COVID policy and they aren’t going to get those experiences back. And they’re going to remember who implemented those policies.

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