American Airlines Ramp Worker Tries to Entertain a Baby, Winds Up Entertaining All Of Us

Jahmaul Allen works the ramp in Toronto for American Airlines. He’s been there for three years, but a passenger just made him famous.

On Sunday he saw a baby on a plane and tried to entertain her. A passenger caught the scene on video, posted it to Instagram, and it’s been shared to several social media sites since — and has been viewed a million times. Just keep watching and wait for it.

He says that “every now and then, whenever I feel like the mood to dance” he’ll do what he can to “make someone happy on the plane” he’s guiding out.

Oddly he’s come under criticism for his dance moves by the internet.

He has this to offer the naysayers,

Allen adds that even though he’s busting a move on the tarmac, he’s still doing his job of guiding the plane. Pilots, he said, are never confused by his dancing.

“The flight has a perfect path,” said Allen. “It knows where it’s going, it knows where it’s going to be parked and it’s not being interrupted whatsoever from my dance moves.”

I say here’s an American Airlines employee who loves his job and goes out of his way for customers. Bravo! And it’s far better than the ramp worker caught playing ‘toss the cone’.

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  1. when flight crews tell jokes they create a positive/happy mood and make passengers feel less anxious about flying. this does not seem to interfere in the conduct of the job any moreso, and clearly made some folks laugh. good for him!

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