American Airlines Refurbishing All Seats on Airbus A321T Aircraft

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  1. Is the refresh of the A321T already in progress? Was stuck in MCE on N101NN a couple of weeks ago and the seats had different covers than the rest of the fleet – the old “blue hash” cloth (like on the 767) had been replaced with the “hard leather” (closest to the LUS A321). It was significantly less comfortable than the old seats. I do the roundtrip 1-2x a month and the first time I noticed this, not sure if it is related or not. I sure hope not a sign of things to come, I adore this subfleet despite being stuck in the back >50% of the time as an EXP, still very comfortable for the road warriors.

  2. Yes, the A321T main cabin seats are having all of the cloth dress covers with e-leather dress covers similar to the rest of the fleet. All being done during S-Check, same timeline as the rest of the refurbishments.

  3. @Jose

    Those slush funds are minuscule compared to the donations people made to the slush fund of a supposed billionaire… I mean, who donates money to a billionaire, right?

  4. ugh the pleather seat covers are horrible and not breathable. Not good for an already warm cabin. But I guess it’s easier for Dougie’s cheapo contract cleaners to wipe down every 15 cycles or however infrequently they decide to clean the cabins.

  5. If it’s like the aircraft I feel on the screens were still there, just seat cushion change. Nevertheless a huge devaluation of these aircraft, seats were miserable after sitting in them for an hour. Other airlines do fake leather fine, and even AA on other fleets, but these were miserable…

  6. This is a travel blog not a political one so can we keep your comments to the purpose of the blog. If you want to make political comments go to fox CNN usatoday or yahoo. OR run for office. I do NOT want to read about it here.

  7. Gary It are the commentators who are making political. @Jose @Willy @Vald P. The Blog was about travel of where as the commentators were pushing their own political view.

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