American Airlines Serves This To Customers. Would You Eat It? [Roundup]

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  1. Regarding “Would you eat this” it looks like the enchilada plate with black beans. Maybe some of the black beans escaped their designated area but I’ve had this dish many times and I think it’s just fine. To each his own.

  2. while stock buybacks do not increase enterprise value via higher market capitalization, they are a superior way to return capital to investors in the form of higher per share price vs. dividends because investors can control the timing of realizing taxable income.

  3. Sh!t on a shingle served elegantly by the AA premium catering
    Try it you’ll like it!

  4. dwondermeant SOS when done right is great do not knock it that salty meat and cream sauce is great

  5. Mr. and Mrs. Smith, when they were with IHG was useless, whatever you tried to book with them, rooms were not available or you could not access their booking service. It was not even worth the alliance. No great lost as there is the benefit to ihg members. I also noticed when trying to book a place in Finland, but it was more expensive on Mr. and Mrs. been direct.

  6. @L3: The article you referenced is 1) nonsensical (“Corporate stock buyback return money to the shareholder”) and 2)emphatically does not support your position. You might consider actually reading it.

  7. @Ken: What part don’t you understand? Maybe an Econ 101 course on Udemy would help you?

  8. @L3: My response is pretty clear. Reading comprehension may not be your forte, which I guess explains why you don’t seem to understand what your referenced article says. Sadly, an online course likely won’t help you.

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