American Airlines Snack Basket And Food For Purchase Changes [Roundup]

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  1. Can’t AA just offer mainstream snacks in the damn snack basket already. Enough with the vegan stuff. How about some good old fashioned Goldfish? Or pretzels?

  2. The kettle chips remain, let’s just hope they’re a real size now. The current .5 oz air + crumbs bag is an embarrassment. I’ve had FAs apologize in advance and hand out 1-2 extra bags. It’s frustrating and wasteful catering space wise/environmentally

  3. The lady may not want to admit she flies Spirit but she might have had a better chance of getting to her destination on time than if she flew other airlines over the past couple days. Thunderstorms on the east coast have caused persistent and long ATC delays which yesterday extended at times from Atlanta to Boston as well as both Dallas and Houston airports. AUS had its own non-weather meltdown as well. AA cancelled 10% if its flights systemwide and is near that percent already today. B6 and WN both have over 30% of their flights delayed yesterday and WN cancelled 6% and B6 3% of flights. UA consistently is cancelling 4-5% of EWR flights in advance. The best airline for east coast yesterday was DL and its regional carriers with less than 1% of flights cancelled and the best on-time of the big east coast airlines.
    So, maybe the lady should have waited until she arrived and then she might have been able to brag about getting there which alot of other airlines weren’t able to do. I suspect some of those people on cancelled flights on other carriers would have accepted an operating flight with 29 inch pitch. Spirit’s strategy of having very few cities with very high numbers of flights is an advantage with bad weather and ATC delays, including due to ATC staffing.

  4. Beagle got me at ORD years ago. A forgotten apple from the plane. Just sat down beside me. I was coming in from AMS, I thought, shit, now what.

  5. DL still offering hot meals over 900 miles vs AA over 1299, and it doesn’t help either that DFW is much easier to fit within 1299 than ATL is from 900.

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