American Airlines Suspends Goodwill Compensation Vouchers

On June 8th American Airlines eliminated iSolve, the tool frontline employees used to compensate customers for things like broken seats and missing meals. Instead they told employees to ‘de-escalate the situation’ and make customers happy – as long as they gave them nothing.

On June 16th, it turns out, they pulled the plug on paper compensation vouchers as well. And in the worst of corporate doublespeak, they’re telling employees they did this “to provide consistency for our customers.” No matter what the channel is, you get nothing!

Some airport computer terminals still have a version of the Qik reservation system overlay that offers paper compensation vouchers however “It is now outside of policy to issue [passenger service] vouchers.” This will be updated soon.

Employees are told that if customers have a beef, they need to go register a complaint online.

Here’s the internal memo which went out on Friday:

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  1. This whole no more compensation whatsoever is borderline illegal. Example: If I pay good money for a flat bed business class seat and then arrive to the plane and that seat does not recline into the flat bed and you refuse to offer any compensation for this, then you’re damn sure I will file a lawsuit.

  2. That’s AA “service“ for you. Removing the ability to address a problem on the spot and instead let it fester so the customer is truly worked up when they submit an email to some faceless entity in the hope that their complaint will not be ignored? What could possibly go wrong?

  3. In other news to simplify and streamline operations all refunds of any kind have been
    permanently discontinued regardless of request
    This will allow customers to reach an agent quicker by phone
    Our agents will happily take calls for new ticket sales only

  4. That’s cool. If they don’t want to compensate for product or service failures with their own funny money or service credits, then they can compensate me through chargebacks and lawsuits.

    I took a hard look at my travel and it is now outside of (my) policy to accept service or product failures from American Airlines without recompense.


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  6. @ORD Flyer – you can certainly file a lawsuit but (a) good luck getting an attorney that would actually take it and (b) it would almost certainly be thrown out with you on the hook for legal expenses.

    The contract of carriage clearly states you don’t buy a specific seat! You buy a class of service from point A to point B. Equipment changes (and service modifications like now due to COVID) happen all the time. That is absolutely no basis for a lawsuit.

    Amazing how privileged and and entitled some people can get – SMH!!!!

  7. It wasn’t that long ago that AA management wanted to “empower” employees to deal with issus on the spot. Now, they not only screw their passengers, but agents will have to deal with irate passengers who they’re unable to whom they’re unable to offer even a minor goodwill gesture. And, by the way, management doesn’t even seem to take into account that most of these gestures don’t result in any cash outlay by the airline.

  8. Another nail in AA’s coffin. Maybe they should fail. Who would invest in a company with such an attitude,
    They are looking for a few $$ billion to keep them afloat!

  9. The company has not been the same since C.E. Smith ran it. Back in the “ good old days”, when stews married, and had to quit flying, you became a “kiwi” ( a bird who can not fly). A scale was often rolled out while employees pre-boarded. 2# overweight = off without pay, but it ran like a well oiled machine and I was proud to work for them. Each step toward capitalism has promoted more steps toward bigger golden parachutes for the “big boys” and less for the employees who actually run the company . It is hard on employees who make it all work, and the hot shots with their martini corporate lunches. Adios to a once great company .

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