American Airlines To Announce Dallas – Brisbane Service On Thursday

American Airlines teased that they’ll be making an announcement of new routes on Thursday. In their video you can see, for instance, New York and Cherry Blossoms. This is obviously the new New York JFK – Tokyo Haneda flight that was approved by the Department of Transportation.

You can also see indicia of Texas, and a koala. American Airlines has been pulling back from Los Angeles Pacific flying and though they’re willing to fly to joint venture partner hubs (they partner with Qantas), the Australian national carrier flies from Los Angeles to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane already and American serves Los Angeles to Sydney.

I’m hearing that American Airlines will be announcing Dallas – Fort Worth to Brisbane tomorrow. Here’s the teaser and see what you think.

When the enhanced joint venture between American and Qantas was first announced I expected that Dallas – Brisbane would be an early route addition. The head of the Brisbane airport expected it, too, and the CEO of Qantas International predicted their Boeing 787s made the most sense flying Brisbane to LA or Dallas.

Before Qantas began operating an Airbus A380 on the Sydney – Dallas route the flight was on a Boeing 747 and from Dallas to Sydney had to make a stop in Brisbane (but flew non-stop from Sydney to Dallas).

Just as the pandemic was starting aviation watchdog JonNYC predicted it was coming, but the route got delayed for obvious reasons.

Brisbane Skyline, Credit: Kgbo via Wikimedia Commons

Four years ago I was told by someone in a position to know that we wold see other South Pacific flying before Brisbane. And American Airlines doesn’t have a surplus of widebody jets to deploy. Boeing has been slow to deliver on the Boeing 787-9s that American has ordered. The 787-8s have been backfill for planes retired during the pandemic. And American has deferred deliveries of some of the larger jets. So I don’t know what aircraft will be funding these new routes, where the planes are coming from yet.

There are also references in the video to Hawaii and London as part of this announcement. We’ll learn full details soon enough. But regarding the Tokyo and Brisbane flights, as ‘Dollar’ Bill Stearn would say in Billions, “I am not uncertain.”

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  1. good scoop.
    I believe UA’s LAX-BNE didn’t do quite what it expected.
    This is presumably a fall/winter launch.

    Since AA is still flying a fair amount of Europe seasonal flying, either they will make BNE seasonal or ditch one or more of their weaker seasonal flights for 2025 to fund this. They are getting some 787s this year, though.

    Hawaii also makes sense for a winter seasonal flight but not sure how LHR fits in if it does.

  2. @Tim Dunn

    Do you think Smelta will add more Long haul out of their trash bases like Salt Lake City, Portland, Detroit and Seattle. No one cares I just remembered 🙂

  3. I think I read somewhere that AA might be re-starting ORD-HNL. That would be my guess but who knows.

    Regarding LHR, I cannot think of a new destination opening up on AA, unless AA plans to take over AUS-LHR but that is a popular BA route so I find it unlikely.

    Maybe AA got a hold of another LHR slot and will be adding to existing service from a hub. I would think another CLT, LAX or MIA flight would be most likely as DFW JFK and ORD already have a lot of service during peak months and I don’t think RDU, PHX and BOS would support another widebody. If they move BOS-LHR to a 321 XLR that could definitely be twice or thrice daily, but why use two slots when you could use one for a widebody flight and another somewhere else. Just guesses at this point.

    Great news for now though.

  4. IAD-LHR is a shot across UA’s bow

    and DL is adding SEA-TPE and will serve PVG from LAX, DTW and SEA; I believe DL is up to daily now.

    DL isn’t rebuilding any of its hubs to hold onto gates like AA is doing at ORD. And not a single DL hub will involve cost per enplaned passenger (what the airline pays to operate there) as high as AA or UA will pay at ORD.

  5. Flying DFW-BNE burns a lot of gas and consumes a lot of expensive pilot flight hours. Not sure how AA is going to charge enough to make the route profitable. Brisbane doesnt have the demand like Sydney or Melbourne.

  6. My thoughts would be DFW-BNE. With the Qantas JV, they’d have feed at that end, and DFW is AA’s biggest hub, with easy connections everywhere, including nonstops to DCA and LGA which are both slot and perimeter rule restricted. The 789 is the perfect airplane for that route.

  7. Leave it to Timmy to talk about a long delayed LAX-PVG delta flight that they obviously have zero desire to fly…
    On a thread about aa dfw-bne
    Before we know it, he’ll be talking about an a350-1000 on lax-bne that delta is bound to fly due to their 3rd string status in LA and 3rd place in Australia 🙂 and telling us how the a350 is the only plane capable of making money to bne

    Thanks for reminding us you don’t know how to talk about anything except random delta nonsense, tim 🙂
    You never surprise but it sure is funny.

    Good for aa, if true
    What a cool new route and a testament to the dfw hub geography and connectivity

  8. minibrain,
    someone else brought up Delta.
    If you don’t like it, tell them to leave it out of the conversation.
    And LAX-PVG is loaded in the schedule and approved to fly.
    And since you wanna play, let us know the 14 weekly flights that AA is flying because DL and UA have loaded theirs.
    of course, UA has loaded more than they are authorized to fly but they have been doing that for years only to pull out down within a couple months.

    And Delta is the largest airline at LAX. Of course you can’t accept that AA gave up that status – to DL – because AA couldn’t make money.

    You do realize that AA used to fly LAX-PEK and LAX-PVG and gave back BOTH routes to the DOT?

    save your crAApping for another day. like 1000 years from now.
    or deal w/ what you and others stir up.

  9. @Tim Dunn

    Are you an employee of delta? Or what?

    I never understood how you could be a fanboy of an airline like someone is for a sports team.

    You’re just a loser lusting after a company.

  10. Thomas says:
    January 31, 2024 at 10:30 pm
    Here I was hoping for LIT-NRT


    My guess was going to be Mike Boyd’s crowning achievement: LAN-TPE

  11. i can’t post URLs to show my work…

    considering population (1000s)

    6272 BNE+ADL+PER
    5297 SYD
    5031 MEL


    gcm (miles)

    9392 DFW-MEL-ADL
    9311 DFW-BNE-ADL
    9303 DFW-SYD-ADL
    9289 DFW-ADL

    10674 DFW-MEL-PER
    10618 DFW-SYD-PER
    10549 DFW-BNE-PER
    10522 DFW-PER


    conclusion: BNE provides no geographic travel-time benefit to ADL & PER pax over routing through SYD or MEL

  12. AA still has a LHR slot from their SEA-LHR. So they could use that to add a 2nd BOS-LHR, or as a long shot AUS or STL.

  13. Delulu Dunn strikes again with US to PVG flying on a new AA destinations article. #classic #seekingbeta #wannabeerelevant

  14. for the mental midgets that can’t read and aren’t willing to let AA enjoy whatever positive moment it gets, the second reply to this article by justsaying was a trAAsh response that brought Delta into the conversation, not me.

    If you don’t want to see Delta inappropriately brought into every conversation, then shut down and go after the people that do it, not me.

    We might get answers today as to what AA is proposing.
    We can either play crAAp games or we can return to the subject that Gary started.

  15. SAT isn’t getting anything. Median income is too low here. Condor is getting paid to start flights in May. AUS runs laps around SAT.

  16. SAT is a city full of poor Mexicans, only flights they will get are more flights down south on ULCC airlines.

  17. @Randy-at one time in the past AUS & SAT city officials talked at length about building a regional airport between the two cities. SAT city establishment decided they liked their close-in airport and killed the deal. The area between the two cities has now essentially filled in and SAT is beginning to serve those who don’t like the enormous hassle that is currently AUS.

  18. Oh tim
    Your responses are so funny
    Delta is the smallest mileage program and JV partner at LAX to say nothing of alliance partner. Also the smallest carrier at all LA airports as well as mileage program.
    Sure, delta is the latest to grow in lax without gates to continue growth. What else is new?
    I get that you live 20 years ago when pure metal mattered over offerings to your loyalty members. But grow up. Your nonsense about LA is so funny and not even somewhat related to the topic lol. And no one brought up LAX-PVG except you, a flight that’s been loaded for so long and pushed over and over. And again? Who brought up LA-China routes? Lol. You’re such a mess
    Delta is a great company. It doesn’t have to be best at everything and it isn’t.
    You don’t need to keep up your constant nastiness to others because you can’t control your need to bring up delta

  19. you can’t help yourself, can you, Max

    Feel free to provide us the data to support any statement you just made.

    You can’t because it is all the usual drivel driven by your inability to deal w/ actual facts.

    AA couldn’t figure out how to make JFK or LAX work even though both airports were key parts of the very backbone of AA’s history and network.

    Delta has gained more of its network by swooping in after AA’s failures that from any merger – NYC, BOS, RDU, LAX and now AUS

    and since you are still incapable of admitting that someone else brought up Delta – even if they used a twisted name to do so – to make a derogatory remark even though I said absolutely nothing about DL in my opening comment.

    Grow up. Better yet, walk away. You have proven over and over and over again that you really have nothing to contribute that overcomes your deep-seated insecurity about AA and UA and your incessant need to attack any legitimate factual criticism of the way they are run or to admit DL’s success

    So sad that YOU have and your ilk have to trash a good announcement by AA.

  20. Charlotte, is so busy. I think seasonal CLT ANC would be profitable. I remember when US Airways was Star Alliance and I flew to ANC over ORD on US to ORD and UA to ANC. The UA agent said the majority of people on the flight began their journey on US Airways.

  21. Is this flight really going from Love Field to Brisbane? Did AA move to Dallas? I notice most of your posts claim AA is in Dallas. When I was at DFW earlier this week it was still in Fort Worth. Dallas is about 30 miles away in another County. Dallas has it own airport Love Field but AA doesn’t fly to DAL. Besides anyone who lives or has been to the metroplex knows that Dallas is where the East Peters out and Fort Worth is where the West begins. As we like to say “Foat Wuth, ah luv yew”…

  22. John DBS,
    AA still offers that routing. They just let AS fly ORD-ANC.
    By your definition they suck.
    DL flies MSP to ANC multiple times per day.

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