American Airlines Uses Its Hubs Differently Than Before The Pandemic [Roundup]

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • United Airlines extends upgrades (‘PlusPoints’) by six months

  • British Airways passenger left Airpods on an Austin – London Heathrow flight, now tracks them from someone’s home to a BA training facility and back every day

  • The shifting importance of American Airlines hubs.

  • How Australians currently view Qantas

  • The passengers before us have suffered and obtained eternal redemption for us.

  • But no visit from the Chief Pilot, Maynard Finch?

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  1. Regarding the posting, “Blood on the seat. Charming that the flight attendant gave me two wipes to clean it up myself.” Good to learn that Delta Airlines is now expecting passengers to clean up their airline seats contaminated with blood from previous passengers and will only give you two wipes to do this.

  2. Probably not blood. Color and spatter isn’t right. I’m guessing it’s BBQ sauce. Has the plane been to KC recently?

  3. Congrats to Jane on the Three Million Miles. I’m projected to earn my Two Million Miler on AA on July 22.

  4. Where’s Tim Dunn to tell us how those wipes are the result of intense Delta consumer research and are the very best wipes in the history of man to clean up blood and that we all should be grateful to Delta that they are being bestowed upon us?

  5. They definitely use them differently, people standing around like cattle with no air conditioning, no word on why every flight is delayed and the sheeple just complain under there breath. How people tolerate being treated the way American treats them is beyond me

  6. Perhaps this is coincidental, regarding the AA hubs, hub activity in low-tax jurisdictions increased while hub activity in high-tax jurisdictions decreased.

  7. @Reno Joe – Interesting theory, not implausible, but I would point out the hubs don’t really substitute for each other. Gary’s note about a domestic network vs. an overseas one makes a lot of sense.

  8. I’m in Kansas City, so have to connect everywhere, and I always choose DFW on AA because it’s a better airport (plus cap one lounge).

  9. @Reno Joe Perhaps this is coincidental, regarding the AA hubs, hub activity in low-tax jurisdictions increased while hub activity in high-tax jurisdictions decreased

    The state sales tax rate, 6.25%, is above the national medium, with localities adding up to 2% (8.25% total). Property taxes are exclusively collected at the local level in the state, and are generally at rates above the national average

    Texas is NOT a donor state like NY NJ CA CT they take more federal funds then the taxpayers put in. So if they left the union the other 49 states would be better off

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