American Airlines Will Now Sell Bus-Bus Connections Without Having To Fly

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  1. For years AA has been treating flyers like they’re riding a bus, so this should be easy.

  2. Do bus “flights” count as segments for your loyalty choice rewards?

    If they don’t check that you actually show up for your bus “flights”, maybe that’s an easy way to get the segments (although, if you’re putting that much spend on an AA card or other means of earning loyalty points, without flying at least 30 segments on the airline, what are you doing?!)

    Since you can earn loyalty points through CC spend now, it probably wouldn’t be useful for “status run” trips? Maybe for an easy mileage run with other OneWorld partners if you need a small number of miles to hit a status threshold, and don’t have time to fly?

    Interesting either way.

  3. I hope they’ll bring DUI Dougie back from the bar errrr retirement to oversee the installation of oasis interiors on the buses. Just don’t let him drive any of them.

  4. Due to the shortage of qualified pilots and flight crews, American Airlines (ACY-PHL-ABE) 5-hour, 30-minute travel connecting through Philadelphia using exclusive bus service from Atlantic City, New Jersey to Allentown/ Bethlehem/ Easton, Pennsylvania is only $1,971 each way on June 3, 2022. So if you love the smell of diesel fumes in the morning, long bus rides, and want to squander your time and travel money, you will adore this new service from American Airlines.

  5. It doesn’t surprise me at all, many of us AA employees already call AA Greyhound Airlines. What a shame that from a First Class airline we are last in every survey, thanks Dougie and his USair management for destroying a good AMERICAN AIRLINES.

  6. Make a new plan Alan.
    OK, so I ad libbed.

    Wait! There’s a first class on a bus!!??

  7. This adds so much extra time to a trip. While I understand that the AA bus can funnel people from communities they dont serve, I dont understand what this replaces as there are many ways one can get to & from any airport. I do understand bus service to small towns out west where there aren’t many options but to drive. They should call it AB not AA.

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